Smart Mosaic Tile Backsplash for Kitchen and Bathroom

Are you finding an easy modern mosaic DIY decoration for your kitchen and bathroom improvement project? Clever Mosaics tile backsplash could be a good option for you. The sticky mosaic backsplash can come in many designs, like PVC, metal, PVC, and aluminum, but the most popular is the vinyl backsplash.

Clever Mosaics vinyl mosaic tile is a time and budget-saving way to update your home walls. It will modernize and liven up your home space, giving your home a quick instant mosaic makeover without grout or mortar. It is a self-adhesive vinyl wall tile, very easy to install, just peel and impress, then overlap the tiles, no special tools or skills are needed. You can DIY decorate your home walls by yourself even if you have no decor experience.

The stick-on tiles are colorful 3d effect mosaics. Just like the regular traditional backsplash, you can choose dozens of colors with peel and stick backsplashes. No matter whether stone, marble, gold, gray, black or white or other combinations, you can design for yourself.

Smart backsplash tiles have a lot of advantages

  • Lightweight, easy to transport, soft plastic, easy to cut.
  • Quick and easy to install, just peel and stick, clever mosaic tiles, ideal for people who can’t install permanent decor in their home.
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain.
  • Waterproof, oilproof, can be used for kitchen and bathroom backsplash. Our thicker upgrade design can even stick to shower walls.
  • The 3D effect, high gloss, beautiful mosaic.
  • Self-adhesive, no special grout, tools, or glue needed.

Tile Backsplash Applications-Inspiration

The sticky mosaic tile backsplash has a lot of advantages, it has widely used for house interior decor. And unlike peel and stick floor tiles, the backsplash is used for home wall clean surface covering. People often buy the backsplash for their kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, living room space, Laundry-room, office room, and even RV camping bus interior wall mosaic decor.

Besides, Clever Mosaics stick-on wall tile is removable, if you are getting bored of the same design, you can peel them off and change to a new style. The sticky backsplash is really a good choice for renter’s update their room after they rented a new house

Lantern tile kitchen backsplash

Kitchen mosaic art ideas with peel and stick yellow hexagon backsplash

bathroom smart tile backsplash

Bathroom backsplash ideas with sticky colorful arabesque tiles

colorful square tiles for Laundry room

Laundry room DIY decor with self-adhesive mosaic square tile backsplash

subway tiles for RV backsplash

RV quick mosaic covering with lightweight instant mosaic backsplash tile sticker

Colorful Mosaic Backsplash Tiles from Clever Mosaics

We have over 300 different color and stylish mosaic tile decals kitchen backsplash for your option. With different materials, shapes, patterns and colors. For materials, we have vinyl, metal, PVC, glass, and stone peel and stick tiles. For shapes, we have strip, square, lantern, herringbone, hexagon, and fish scale tiles.

A decorative DIY tile backsplash will add elegance to our home space. Our modern sticky tile comes in several colors, like gray, purple, black, and white. The colorful and stylish mosaic tiles can match several designs. Subway tile has more than meets the eye. The wide range of selection leaves design for every style of home or building. The wide selection of white subway in kitchen backsplashes to bright the appearance. Mixed blue tiles in kitchen backsplashes to create fun, beach looks. Purple tile added to an exciting bathroom to accent the shower. Dark colors including brown and black that may enhance an easy and simple room space.

How to Install the 3D Smart Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Backsplash

Our decorative tiles are easy coverings for a do-it-yourself DIY project. It is the best way to enhance the look of your kitchen, and bathroom and to revamp the walls of all your room. To install the easy tile backsplash well, please follow the below steps or do as the below video shows.

  1. Clean the surface on which the mosaic tiles are to be pressed with sugar soap to remove all grease and other residues. Make sure the surface is completely clean and dry before commencing the tiling.
  2. Measure the whole area to be tiled and lay the tiles out on a table or floor to replicate the area. Then you can be sure you have enough tiles for the job plus a little leftover in case of mishaps.
  3. Start by measuring the surface for the first sheet and marking for exact placement. Use a level to manage the correct positioning.
  4. For oblong-shaped tiles cut off the protruding tongues of the starting tile.
  5. Cut the tile to size with scissors or a utility knife.
  6. Peel the backing paper sheet from the tile. Place the tile in position without pressing heavily until you are happy with the positioning. Then press down firmly, smoothing as you go
  7. Lay the next tile next to the first tile to coincide with the grout line. And oblong-shaped tiles always overlay the projecting tongues on the preceding tile.
  8. Use your measuring tape and utility knife to measure and cut tiles to fit corners and around tricky spots like pipes. You can use a sheet of cardboard as a template to mark the space and cut out the holes. Then mark the spaces on the tile and cut the tile accordingly.
  9. Continue the installation until the job is completed.

Choose Peel and Stick Backsplash from China Direct Supplier

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China Direct Peel and Stick tile Backsplash Factory

As the direct peel and stick backsplash manufacturer. We have been designing and producing stylish and colorful sticky backsplash since 2012.

Like other peel and stick floor tile companies, our factory uses full-automatic wall tile production lines to ensure the quality and consistency of our backsplash. We select high-grade raw material to make sure the tiles are durable and will never crack or yellow. Our factory has comprehensive quality control procedures in place. From the incoming raw material check, in-process monitoring, to outgoing sampling inspection, to make sure all our customers received are defect-free.

peel and stick vinyl mosaic tile printing equipment

We use the high-precision four-color printing press to keep the quality of the colorful glossy tiles

full-automatic peel and stick tile backsplash

Our full-automatic peel and stick tile backsplash producing lines.

Quality is our culture.

With the combination of Design, Printing, Production, Test, and Quality Assurance. We will always bring you reliable quality backsplash tiles at a competitive price, and perfect services. Customer satisfaction is always our responsibility.

As our business fast developing, we have established favorable partnerships with many enterprises throughout the world. We will always welcome you from any area of the world.

peel and stick vinyl backsplash testing report from SGS

The testing report of our peel stick backsplash vinyl tile from SGS

stick-it backsplash testing report

Our stick-it backsplash has passed the US California Prop65

peel and impress tile technical report from BV

Our peel and impress tile technical report from BV

Reviews from Our Customers

We used the Clever Mosaics tiles in our RV for our kitchen and bathroom backsplash and it turned out great! I had my husband supervising but I pretty much did the entire thing myself so anyone can do this. The mosaic tiles are easy to put up, cut, and trailer to fit your space, a cheap alternative to real tile backsplash——Review from our USA customer Maria.

This backsplash tile is actually pretty awesome. They are easy to install, and you can cut them easily to size. Even if you have no decor experience, you can do the covering job well. It does take a little time to make it perfect and it looks so good. Giving your kitchen backsplash a facelift on a budget!!!——Review from our Canada customer Sara.

These adhesive Mosaik wall tiles are stylish and Modern! They are so easy to use. Just peel and stick, instant mosaic covering your home walls by yourself. Only be sure to plan measure and mark your areas of design. The tiles are removable, so this gives you some “oops” room——Review from our Germany customer Kluster.

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We have peel & stick mosaics size 12 x 12inch (300 x300mm), 11.25 x10inch (285 x254mm), 10 x10inch (254 x254mm), 11 x 9.25inch (280 x235mm), please calculate the quantity of peel and stick on backsplash tiles you need before purchase. In addition to the regular sizes, we also support the DIY sizes, we can make the actual specification vinyl tiles according to your using area

As the direct peel stick backsplash factory, we have more than 200 different designs of sticky tiles. If you want samples, please feel free to contact us.

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