Peel and stick DIY tile is your best choice for kitchen backsplash refresh

Sometimes we really want to get a new look for our home by spending a little money and a little energy. we do home decor, but what are the 2022 home decor trends for kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls? yes, here is the answer, Decor your home walls with mosaic stickers peel and stick tile.


In some cases, we want to replace a wall tile that is really not looking that great. We want a high gloss, 3d effect, mosaic room walls. But don’t think you are up to tackling the installation and can’t afford a professional to do the job. Or maybe the cost of stone or slate just isn’t in your budget – well, maybe this trick is for you. Whatever the reason, if you are looking for an inexpensive option for wall mosaic that is easy to install yourself you might want to consider cheap vinyl tile stickers. This can be a great solution, this trick is for you.


Why choose the adhesive vinyl mosaic stickers from Clever Mosaics

The high gloss appearance

One of the advantages of peel and stick backsplash is the fact that they can look like a variety of other types of more expensive wall tiles. Like metal mosaic tiles, and ceramic stone mosaic tiles. Especially if you buy one of the higher-quality options for this type of wall. You can purchase peel and stick stone look wall stickers, ceramic-look stickers, wooden-look tiles, and metal-look tiles. We have a lot of colors and patterns for you to choose from. Also, you can purchase smart clever mosaic tiles as shapes. We have strip brick tile, square shape tile, hexagon wall tile, and lantern tiles. You have a lot of choices, by color or by shape.

Clever Mosaics self stick backsplash

Peel and stick vinyl DIY tile sticker is easy to lay

Unlike peel and stick glass tile backsplash and metal tile backsplash, self-adhesive vinyl tile backsplash sticker is easy to install, with no grout and no mess needed!
Besides, you can install peel and stick wall tile backsplash stickers over tiles.
When installing the peel and stick tile backsplash, the one thing you need to make sure of is the surface is smooth, dry, and clean. You can get special primers that you can apply to make it so that the tiles stick better, so this would be a good idea as well. Then you can lay out your tiles starting from the edge of the wall. peel the back paper, and stick the tiles on the wall one by one. You can DIY decorate your home walls by yourself in a short time, it is a really easy mosaic project.

Peel and stick mosaic tile backsplash sticker is easy to clean and maintain

The tile is easy to clean and maintain. The peel and stick vinyl tile is waterproof and oil proof, you can clean the backsplash tile surface dusty with a dry damp cloth.

Peel & Stick tile backsplash stickers will stay long

Once the peel and stick mosaic tile is well installed, it will keep its look in the long term since it will never yellow or crack. You can have a beautiful home backsplash for a very very long time.

The peel and stick decorative wall tile sticker is easy to remove

It is hard to remove a ceramic backsplash, stone backsplash, or other metal, or glass backsplash. That is a really big project, and maybe you will have to damage the wall surface. But this will not happen if you use peel and stick tiles.

How to remove the peel and stick tiles: warm the tile with a hairdryer, then peel the vinyl tile in the corner of each tile. If there is dusty glue remaining on the wall, remove the remaining glue with an ammonia solution. This will not damage the walls. Also, you can remove the peel and stick tiles by yourself.

Cheap price and high peel and stick tile backsplash stickers reviews

Of course, you can buy the peel and stick backsplash from Walmart or Lowes. But if you want to buy a cheap and good peel and stick backsplash, you should choose the direct supplier. And the answer is Clever Mosaics. We are the vinyl backsplash manufacturer, we can give you a competitive price.
You can see our cheap peel and stick vinyl tiles here:
Some people say peel and stick tile made in China is of low quality. But I want to say we have been producing peel and stick tiles for serval years, the quality is our culture. No matter the peel and stick tile backsplash sold on Amazon or Aliexpress, we got high reviews.
1, “The peel and stick tile backsplash cuts easy and with it being peel & stick, there’s no grout or adhesive needed and NO MESS!”
2, “This adhesive subway tile sticker was the easiest home improvement project yet! The finished product looks great and we get compliments every time someone comes to the house.”
3, “One of the best products I’ve ever used. Used the vinyl tile sheet on the backsplash on my motorhome because of the lightweight and ease of clean up.”

In order to get a better idea of all the options that are available, you might want to look into Clever Mosaics, we will give you a good price and installation tips.