Are you preparing to retile or spruce up your kitchen? For a tiny low amendment with a big impact think kitchen backsplashes. A decorative tile backsplash makes a press release to come through the planning you desire for your kitchen. Besides, the decorative backsplashes will protect your walls. The best kitchen decorative backsplashes are also a critical aesthetic element to any design. Your backsplash selection will bring together all the different elements in your kitchen. For the starring element in expressing your power and originality may be how to alter. But don’t be shy, do some research and confidently go ahead and create your perfect kitchen backsplash.

Here we tend to give 8 top most common decorative tile backsplash ideas for your kitchen renovation.

1, Decorative Vinyl Tiles

High gloss, rich in color and texture, light-weight, self-adhesive, easy to install. The vinyl decorative tile backsplash is a popular option among homeowners. The tiles are colorful and stylish. Just as Clever Mosaics peel and stick vinyl tiles, they introduce a smooth and highly durable style with huge selections of patterns. Besides, they provide good durability in cost. Vinyl tiles tend to be highly durable, easy to clean, oilproof and heat-resistant.  This is used widely in both residential and commercial purposes. These tiles are self-adhesive, very easy to install, even no skilled beginner can handle it. Besides, after you are bored with the style, you can remove it easily.

decorative vinyl tile from Clever Mosaics

2, Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Popular, practical and affordable. Decorative ceramic tile backsplash has hundreds of choices of colors and patterns. If you are looking to add texture to your kitchen, this can be a good option. If choosing ceramic, make sure the finish of the tile is appropriate for your workspace. Using ceramic tile will also afford you the opportunity of adding your own unique design onto the tiles by painting, stamping or using tile stickers.