Are you looking for a DIY and cost-less decoration when doing renovations for your home space? Then let us introduce the peel and stick subway tile to you.

Subway tiles have played an integral part of decoration history around the world. For its high gloss, beauty, and amazing durability, the 3×6 subway tiles have stood the test of time. And now there is a new hot subway tile called peel and stick subway vinyl tile. Unlike traditional glass subway tile and ceramic subway tile, peel and stick vinyl subway tile is self-adhesive and easy to install. More and more people buy and use it for their home wall mosaic covering.

With an endless selection of colors and finishes, the subway vinyl wall tile’s colorful surface make it an irresistible choice for any home. Incorporating these tiles into your home is comparable to enhancing every area with a unique beauty artwork.

Here are 4 advantages when choosing this beautiful tile to install in your home.

Peel and stick subway are moisture and heat-resistant.

Whether you are considering peel and stick tiles for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom or shower walls, you will never be disappointed. When you bring this timeless classic tile design into your home, you join and share in the echoes of its rich historical past. Peel and stick subway tile is an ideal, economical practical choice for bathrooms, kitchens DIY

Peel and stick subway tile backsplash are colorful and easy to install

Clever Mosaics designed a series of vivid peel and stick subway tiles. The colorful peel and stick subway catch the eyes of high-end designers. Besides, for it’s easy to install, even no-experience can do DIY jobs by themselves. More and more family member and renters buy it for their house improvement project. With its popularity rising, whether in high-rise apartments or in the most fashionable homes, these small subway tiles remain affordable to all.

Peel and stick mosaic subway tiles are eco-friendly.

Environment protect is important. Environmentalists are serious about not using non-recyclable materials. But for all vinyl subway tile from Clever Mosaics is recycled and considered safe for the environment. Our peel and stick tiles have passed the test of Certificated RoHs, Reach163, and US California Prop 65

Peel and stick subways are perfect for any renovation project.

Whether you need a modern or present-day design, peel and stick subways are beautiful, durable, easy to keep clean and hard to damage. Peel and stick mosaic subway tiles keep it simple while remaining the most economical and practical alternative – for any room, anytime and anywhere.

Here is a dairy from our customer after they use peel and stick subway tile backsplash

Before using peel and stick tiles. The kitchen wall is dark, gloomy and dull.

kitchen backsplash before using peel and stick subway

Then, he bought 6 packs of Clever Mosaics peel n stick subway tile backsplash CM80144.

Clearing the counters and the walls of dust and grime. After that gathered his supplies: A sheet of cardboard to use as a cutting surface, a sharp utility knife, a large, clear ruler, a pencil and some painter’s tape. And follow the installation steps. He unscrewed and removed all of the outlet plates as well. Starting at the window casing nearest the sink, then penciled a faint guideline along the top edge to ensure the tiles would be level and placed the first piece on the wall.

install peel and stick subway tile for kitchen backsplash

He worked the way toward the corner, overlapping the sheets of tile. After the first few tiles were up, He started to worry about a slight lean to the “grout” lines, and the pattern becoming off level by the time he reached the stove.

As each length of wall was finished, things looked better and better. let’s see the job of peel and stick subway tile for his home kitchen DIY

kitchen backsplash after installing peel and stick subway tile