Clever Mosaics Peel and Stick Tile Backsplashes Give Kitchen Wall Tile a Fast Improve Refresh

Kitchen refresh can be cheap with Clever Mosaics peel and stick tile backsplash. And it is the simplest, quickest, and most affordable way to decorate the wall surface. Your kitchen backsplash can be refreshed in minutes by putting peel and stick Clever Mosaics mosaic tiles. Also, Clever Mosaics has many alternative colors and styles for you. They look like real high-end glass, stone or ceramic tiles. Peel and stick Clever Mosaics are lightweight and you can simply cut them with a utility knife or perhaps scissors to customize them to your house.

Here come some peel and stick tile backsplashes recommend for you, you can use them for a do-it-yourself smart DIY kitchen remodel


There are so many colorful peel and stick tiles in Clever Mosaics. Including pure white, black, and silver color peel and stick tiles, or different color mixed with  high gloss 3d mosaic look

peel n stick tile backsplash


There are different shape designs of peel and stick tile backsplashes. Including oblong strip, square, hexagon, and lantern shape peel and stick tile backsplashes. You can choose the right shape peel and stick tile backsplash as you wanted


We have designed different pattern tiles. Including Marble, stone, glass, and metal look mosaic tiles.


The peel and stick Clever Mosaics can be printed with different colors and patterns. If you want your kitchen backsplash different from others, be free to contact us. Besides, we accept OEM/ODM orders when you need bulk quantity.

Below the benefits of using peel and stick tile backsplash:

  • Peel and Stick mosaics wall tile adds a daring accent to any dry and clean surface
  • The mosaic pattern is colorful and designable
  • You can overlap the peel and stick tile backsplash can overlap on existing wall tiles
  • The peel-and-stick tile needs no grout or tools for installation
  • The ideal alternative for any installation searching for a clean trendy high gloss 3d mosaic look
  • Ideal for renovations, backsplashes, shower walls, fireplaces and a lot of

If you are a renter and want to update your kitchen backsplash, the peel and stick tile backsplash is a good choice for you, check the article
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