A fireplace is an excellent feature for a home and can give your interior design a new look if it’s present in your home. However, there are some technical aspects to tiling a fireplace. That’s why I wish to give you some details on creating this excellent feature and breaking down the difference between tiling a hearth or log burner to a regular wall and floor. Some prints and patterns are available in the market and can be used to decore a fireplace. There are some technical things to keep in mind when you will use peel and stick wall tiles. As anyone can use these tiles, so one must read all the instructions before decorating the walls; this will save the tiles from wasting.

peel and stick fireplace tile sticker

  1. What type of tiles do people use around the fireplace?

If you wish your fireplace to be a focal point, ensure that the style of the texture and the tiles you choose matches the scheme of your room and the overall image you want to create. There are some familiar textures that most people use, i.e., Modern Country, traditionally Victorian, and contemporary. Peel and Stick tile stickers with patterns of a simple straight line are precisely according to modern fireplace design. The design having monochromatic prints gives a more stylish look to the fireplace. Sticky tiles having patterns like glass mosaic tiles give a contemporary sophisticated look to homes. Peel and stick tiles with patterns like black granite stone are extraordinary for creating a luxurious atmosphere in the rooms.

  1. Can peel and stick tile be used for the fireplace?

Yes. We can use peel and stick tiles for the fireplace as these are excellent heat resistant. If the heat source is more than 20 cm away, it would be safe to use most types of tiles. However, one should use porcelain peel and stick tiles. This material acts in the same way as fire-resistant bricks by absorbing the heat without transferring it to the surrounding environment due to its density. The tile should be 14 cm away from the direct heating source, as recommended. If the tile is close to the heating source, there may be chances of cracking, and most commonly, tiles become decolored over time which deteriorates the beauty of the fireplace.peel and stick colorful tile for fireplace

 Our thicker upgrade colorful peel and stick vinyl tiles can be used for shower walls, and also can be used for fireplace

Moreover, how to tile a fireplace the same as tiling a wall or floor? Yes, tiling with peel and stick stone composite material tile is much more straightforward than traditional tiling, i.e., cement-made tiles. It is imperative to use suitable adhesive and grout. All the BAL adhesives can bear temperatures upto150-200⁰C. But I’d like to recommend firstly fixing your tiles with the Palace Heat Resistant Adhesive and then grouting with the BAL Micromax2 as this grout can withstand temperatures up to 100⁰C. If your fireplace is getting hotter than this, a cement-based product is required.

  1. Do peel and Stick tiles worth it?

Peel and stick tile remains on the wall for a long time. How much time these tiles stay on the wall depends on the quality of the material and adhesive gel used for sticking the tile to the wall. Good quality adhesive and tile material give good results. The thickness of the tile with the wall also depends on the weather conditions. In highly moisturizing needs, it may fall and give damage the wall.

  1. why are peel and stick tile the best option, especially for renters?

If you are looking for a quick update at a reasonable price, peel-and-stick tiles fit the bill. As in most cases, renters must have to leave the house; they can use cheap tiles available at a low price per square foot in the markets. These tiles are great for renters, as these tiles are made of removable material and can be removed whenever wants by the renters. They are also far less complicated to install on the walls than traditional tiles. Tradition tile made up of cement requires hours and lots of materials (e.g., mortar, grout, tile spacers, professional and skilled labor, etc.). But using peel and stick tiles, all you have to do is measure the space, peel off the backing, and stick the tile sheet to the wall.

peel and stick wooden pattern tile for fireplace

When we talk about installing the peel and stick tiles, there is no particular skill required. As I mentioned earlier, we need professional architecture and skilled labor, mortar, grout, tile spacers, and all the necessary tools if we are going to decore our wall with cement tiles. But if you plan to decorate your wall or fireplace, you can do it yourself. First of all, clean the surface to apply peel-and-stick tiles. You can use a soap or cleaning spray and water to remove any gunk from the wall and let it dry for some time. Carefully note down all the dimensions of the fireplace space. It will help if you use a ruler and box cutter to cut the pieces you need for the fireplace space. Remove parts of the back sheet and adhere the backsplash to the wall, pulling off more of the back sheet as you attach the backsplash to the wall. Plane the surface with the edge of the ruler or a credit card. That is it, and there is no need for drying time and no grout to clean.

If you are going to install peel and stick tile yourself, you should keep in mind the following point as these are very necessary

  • After setting the tiles, don’t try to reposition them.
  • If you are going to paint your fireplace walls, don’t paint or prime them right before installing.
  • You have not thought that this is going to look exactly like tiles.

If you are very courteous about the tiles’ quality, you have to pay an extra price. Price can run up to $30 per square foot for higher quality kits. In this case, you are not saving money on the tile. Top of FormAnother potential downside to especially the renter-friendly tiles is that these can fall in extreme moisture conditions. But on the fireplace, there is no harm in using peel and stick tiles.

peel and stick tiles are heat resistant, backed with strong adhesive, they can enhance your room space, give you DIY fun

peel and stick tile over brick fireplace

The peel and stick fireplace tiles are smart and unique products that will simplify your living. The tile stickers can be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surfaces.