Can a non-professional person do a good tiling job the first time around? when I saw this question in Quora, my first mind is, yes, of course, using the easy mosaic idea peel and stick vinyl tiles.

Do a tiling backsplash job with the peel and stick vinyl tile even if you are a no skilled beginner

peel and stick vinyl wall tile

The items most homeowners have trouble with is they don’t know how to install or how to grout the tiles on the wall. It is not easy to tile a mosaic backsplash, but today manufacturers offer mosaic sticker tile sheets. That makes the process of laying them much easier. Especially if you use the peel and stick tiles, no grout or extra glue is needed. the tile is self-adhesive, just peel the back paper, stick and impress the vinyl tiles on the wall. Almost everyone can do it themselves in a short time with a little budget.

Easy Mosaic Idea Peel and stick vinyl tile is easy to install

Tools: Cutting Mat, Cutting knife, Ruler, Tape measure, Straight edge, Level.

  • First, choose the right place you want to cover the peel and stick vinyl tiles, clean and keep it dry. Measure the distance between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinet to figure out the size needed to fill that space.
  • Second, there is a really nice selection of tiles in different patterns, styles, and colors. choose the right color vinyl tile, check the size of the tiles, then calculate how many tiles you needed to decor the wall, then buy it
  • Third, after you receive the tiles, prepare the kitchen backsplash. Remove the electrical plates and wipe the walls down with TSP. Check again to make sure the wall is clean and dry.
  • Forth, installation: it is easy to install the peel and stick vinyl tile. Begin installing the mosaics from left to right, completing the bottom row first. Peel half of the back off the mosaic and line it up with the counter.  Apply pressure when applying the mosaic to the wall until certain lined up correctly. You can check our other post on how to install peel and stick mosaic tiles, follow the steps.

mosaic tile sticker

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to install peel and stick vinyl tiles. Are you ready to see how the entire kitchen turned out? go and have a try.