People like to buy RV to explore the new place, for traveling, camping, and fun vacation, and if you are a proud owner of a motorhome RV, you may find it is time to do some upgrades in a similar fashion that you would do to your current home.

There are some drawbacks that you will have to consider as you begin the project.  You are limited in space and to a smaller degree, weight.  After all, some RV’s are tow behind, and weight can be an issue if this is the case.

What you can do are minor upgrades that will make your RV more attractive and stylish.  Here are a few particulars that you will need to consider as you make the changes:

  • Weight – we discussed this;
  • Fixed – Any upgrades you make need to be solid and hold fast. Potholes are not forgiving when it comes to RV’s;
  • Attractive – No one wants an ugly RV
  • Easy to do – This is a DIY project, not something that will require a professional.

What can you do given these constraints?  Paint is not heavy, but the paint is not going to provide decent protection.  Humidity is also a factor you will have to take into consideration.  Ceramic tile is a choice as well, but there is the weight factor and the rigid makeup of ceramic tile does not work well with an RV.

Wow.  It seems like you don’t have many options available, but you actually do.  The solution is peel & stick mosaics for your RV.  Consider the following:

  • Light: for one piece of peel & stick vinyl mosaic tile sheet is about 60g, it will only add a little weight for covering RV walls;
  • Flexible: it is made of PET paper with PU glue on top, it is soft, and you can cut the tile with a knife;
  • Easy to install: just peel the backed paper, and stick the mosaic tile on the RV walls;
  • Firm sticking: the peel & stick tile is self-adhesive, it can be stick-on the walls very well;
  • Fits on the wall surface: the tiles can be used for bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen backsplash, the clean and dry white walls, glass mosaic tiles, wooden tiles, or any smooth place you prefer to.

There are some peel & stick tiles for RV interior decor videos on youtube, you can have a look and learn how they did their jobs

Here are some applications of peel & stick tiles for RV wall decor

peel stick tile for RVpeel stick tile for RV wall mosaic













peel & stick tile for RV wall mosaic

peel stick tile for RV wall mosaic

peel stick tile for RV wall mosaic

There you have it.  The perfect solution for your RV upgrade and best of all, you can select from a variety of color options to suit your specific needs.