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How to quick decor lantern background in our home? why not try high gloss peel and stick lantern tiles.

Actually, you can fast DIY decor your home walls with our lantern shape wall decor backsplash.
mosaic lantern tile backsplash
peel and stick lantern tile backsplash

Clever Mosaics lantern tile is very easy to install, just peel and stick, same as lantern wallpapers, you can do it yourself. The lantern mosaic tiles will give your home a mini makeover without committing to a huge renovation. Also, the lantern tiles are heat-resistant and waterproof, you can use them in your kitchen and bathroom. Our lantern backsplash is not only lantern tile kitchen backsplash but also lantern tile bathroom.
Our colorful lantern decor mosaic tiles are one of our hottest series these years. With such a large amount of marvelous colors and patterns available, it’s simple to know why. The lantern pattern tiles are timeless, classic, and customizable.

Besides, our colorful lantern backsplash can be stuck over the existing style tile behind a stove. They will look elegant. You can select over ten style tiles from the world-famous lantern tile supplier. If you wish to form your interior style stand out, we are able to provide you with unique designed lantern tiles. Or if you want a big quantity, contact us, we will give you a free quote.

For more designs of tile backsplash, you can check our product category peel and stick tiles.

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    Peel Stick Lantern Shape Yellow Tile Backsplash Cheap Sale Online

    Material: adhesive PET paper with high-quality PU glue on topType: Sticky yellow vinyl tile.Usage: the yellow tile backsplash is a do-it-yourself DIY decoration for kitchen and bathroom walls, TV background, Laundry room, and restroom wall mosaic art.
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    peel-and-stick-clever-mosaics Clever-Mosaic-CM00002
    High gloss peel and stick mosaics backsplash 10 x 10inch.Material: PET paper with PU glue on topType: Peel and Stick Self-adhesive Vinyl Mosaic Tile CM0002Usage: The peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile can be used for kitchen backsplash wall mosaic decor, bathroom wall mosaic decor, TV background, and restroom walls, or even any smooth place you prefer to. 
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    white lantern tile backsplash
    Self-adhesive Vinyl Pure White lantern Tiles Cheap Sale Online.The price is for 6 sheets ( 1 pack).Material: adhesive PET paper with high-quality PU glue on top.Type: easy mosaic decoration white vinyl tile.Usage: our white tile backsplash is a do-it-yourself DIY mosaic decoration, great for kitchen bathroom backsplashes and feature walls
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