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Moroccan Tile Application

Moroccan tile backsplash from Clever Mosaics is an ideal way to add art & beauty into your home spaces including Kitchen, kitchen island, bathroom walls, and fireplace.

We have over 10 different designs Moroccan tiles with different material, colors, patterns and styles to match your unique choice and designs. But our peel and stick vinyl Moroccan tile backsplash peel and stick PVC composite tile backsplash are used for walls only, please do not use for floor Moroccan art.

Our Moroccan Backsplash Tiles Features and Advantages

The traditional Moroccan tiles are crafted using regional clays and glaze pigments using time-honored handcrafted techniques, and the colors of tiles were limited, mostly to white and grey mixed. But our Moroccan tiles are painted with different colors and patterns. They are stylish and wide array of colors, with brown, white, green, saffron, blue and black. Besides, our Moroccan backsplash tiles are backed with the strong adhesive that makes them are very easy to install and maintain. They are do-it-yourself DIY decorations, no grout or special skills needed when installation.

Buy Cheap Moroccan Tiles from Us

As the direct peel and stick Moroccan tile backsplash manufacturer in China,  we have a lot of inspired Moroccan wall tiles. Besides, we have the price advantage, especially when you want to order big bulk quantity. This makes our Moroccan mosaic tiles very popular in USA, Canada, European and Asian market. If you are interested in our self-adhesive Moroccan tiles, please feel free to contact us, free quote and free tile samples are available.


High Gloss 3D Stick-on Mosaic Backsplash

Clever Mosaics tile backsplash is a new trend decor! with different colors and patterns appearance, waterproof, heat-resistant, specialized designed for kitchen and bathroom.

Quick Instant Mosaic Covering Without Any Mess or Experience

The peel and stick Clever Mosaics is easy to cut, easy to install, easy to maintain. No special grout or specialized skills needed when installation, you can do-it-yourself, save your time and money.

Guaranteed to Stick to Your Walls

The tile backsplash is self-adhesive, no extra glue needed when installation, the tile will stick on your wall very well, it will never yellow or crack over time.