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If you want to update your current kitchen and bathroom with a brand new mosaic decorative tile backsplash. You’ll likely want to explore our mosaic tiles. Here are some backsplash ideas for you. we have a lot of designs in different color, shape, and patterns.

  • Colors: Pure color or mixed color mosaic backsplash.
  • Shape: Oblong strip, square, hexagon mosaic, and lantern mosaic tiles.
  • Pattern: metal or glass shining pattern, marble stone pattern even ceramic wall tile pattern.

Besides our subway tile and mosaic backsplash is much easier to install than real ceramic or stone backsplash. It is self-adhesive, no extra glue, no special tool or skill needed, you can do it yourself.

Oblong subway tile backsplashes

oblong strip mosaic tile backsplashes

Square shape mosaic tile backsplashes

square shape mosaic tile backsplashes

Lantern arabesque tile backsplashes

lantern mosaic tiles

Just check the mosaic backsplash pictures below, select and buy the right style for your kitchen and bathroom