Home Improvement Decoration Peel and Stick Mosaic Backsplash

Peel stick mosaic backsplash is the best way for quick home wall mosaic decor.
Peel and stick backsplash vinyl tile sheet is do-it-yourself mosaic. It is lightweight, very easy to install. Simple peel and stick, you can install it in seconds without specialized tools needed. Besides, you can stick it over any sleek dry and clean surface you prefer to.

Clever Mosaics Mosaic backsplash Details

  • Mosaic Tile Type: Self-adhesive stick on the mosaic tile backsplash.
  • Material: High-quality PET with PU glue on top.
  • Color: Pure color or mixed colors with different patterns
  • The Sizes of the sticky mosaic backsplash: 11 x 9.25inch. 10 x 10inch. 11.25 x 10inch.
  • Installation: Self-adhesive mosaic backsplash, just Peel & stick.
  • Peel and Stick Tile Application: Peel and stick mosaic tile can be used for updating kitchens, bathrooms, laundry room, and RV walls.

peel and stick backsplash

Clever Mosaics Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile Backsplash Features

  • Vinyl Tiles, safety, and environmental materials, anti-bacterial, anti-mold.
  • Lightweight and thin design that easily installs over existing tiles. Like painted gypsum, acrylic wall panel or linoleum.
  • Not recommended for use on textured surfaces.
  • Resistant to heat and moisture, waterproof, oilproof.
  • Sticks to clean and sleek surfaces, no grout needed.
  • Can be stuck on the over existing tiles.
  • If needed, apply extra adhesive for peel and stick tile.
  • Removal of many peel and stick wall tiles is easy too. Usually, you only need to heat the surface with a hair dryer and peel off!

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High Gloss 3D Stick-on Mosaic Backsplash

Clever Mosaics tile backsplash is a new trend decor! with different colors and patterns appearance, waterproof, heat-resistant, specialized designed for kitchen and bathroom.

Quick Instant Mosaic Covering Without Any Mess or Experience

The peel and stick Clever Mosaics is easy to cut, easy to install, easy to maintain. No special grout or specialized skills needed when installation, you can do-it-yourself, save your time and money.

Guaranteed to Stick to Your Walls

The tile backsplash is self-adhesive, no extra glue needed when installation, the tile will stick on your wall very well, it will never yellow or crack over time.