Clever Mosaics peel and stick vinyl tile backsplash or self-adhesive vinyl tile sheet.

If you want to restyle your bathroom, kitchen backsplash or Landry room walls, why not try peel and stick vinyl tile backsplash. It is a fun, functional, stylish, simple and affordable solution way!

The vinyl tile take the simplicity and ease of traditional tiles. But it replicates the look of the ever-popular glass, stone or ceramic mosaic tiles. They are multi-colored, 3D mosaic-styles and provide the look of real stones and ceramics without the hassle of grout and tile saws. They are made of vinyl and apply the concept to a thicker more durable PU plastic material. They designed for the challenges of being in a kitchen or bathroom. Made for the most active rooms in a home, these thick mosaic tiles come in different shapes and sizes. You can cut between the tiles. They are waterproof, heat resistant, humidity resistant, light-weight, easy to clean and apply. Unlike standard ceramic tiles, these light-weight vinyl tiles are pliable enough to be hand cut into any shape desirable. They are durable enough to hold to and protect the walls. They are a great way to completely remodel a room or add a small accent, you can use them for camping RV wall decor. The one thing they lack is the hefty price tag that comes with ceramic tiles. Cost efficient and easy to use, why not make that design change what you’ve been waiting for?

Notice: You will need to wait a couple of hours after installing the tile before you turn on high heat near the tiles.