Clever Mosaics peel n stick backsplash

People often say peel n stick backsplash or peel n stick backsplash instead of peel and stick backsplash and peel and stick tiles. actually, they are the same product, using the peel n stick backsplash is the easiest way to create an eye-catching kitchen backsplash without a lot of work.

Just peel n stick, DIY decor the walls by yourself in a short time. Applying peel-n-stick backsplash or tiles: start with a clean and dry surface, use a cleaning spray or soap and water to remove any gunk from the wall and let it dry. Measure the space carefully, and use a ruler and box cutter to cut the amount you’ll need for the space. Remove part of the back sheet and stick the backsplash to the wall, press the tiles, smooth the surface with the edge of a credit card or the ruler. That’s it—no grout to clean up and no drying time.