Buy self-stick backsplash or self-adhesive tile backsplash from China Direct factory

Our self-stick backsplash or self-adhesive tile backsplash has a pretty easy application process. Since the glue is already applied on the back, it is self-adhesive, there is less of a mess applying it to the wall. It is very easy to install—remove its backing and adhere the stick on backsplash to a smooth, primed, painted dry and clean wall.
The self-stick tile backsplash is a stylish removable sticker design mosaic tile. They are convenient, exciting fun and high-impact decorating. Special for those who do not want to make a long-term commitment design or renters. Even college students are capable. No need to worry about leaving the sticky residue or damaging the walls once the product removed. If you choose, self stick on tile backsplash can be a part of your home and design.