Clever Mosaics Self Stick Vinyl Tiles for Home Wall Covering

There are simply places where you don’t want to invest the time, mess, and expense. to add a nice, stylish color, these sticky vinyl tiles are the perfect answer.

Vinyl self-stick tiles are a convenient product for do-it-yourself homeowners, who want to create a kitchen backsplash quickly and easily. They’re thick, durable and colorful, with a nice bit of surface texture added to enhance their visual appeal. for installing self-stick vinyl tile is really easy, just peel and stick. no extra glue adhesive for the self-stick vinyl tiles required. They’re also very easy to trim. if necessary, I’d suggest measuring very carefully and marking your space first. though, because the adhesive really tends to grab on. Take extra care to make sure the tiles butt closely to one another before pressing down. also, you can cut the self-stick vinyl tile for the corner, For uneven surfaces, a bit of liquid nails does the trick nicely.

Our style selection self-stick vinyl tiles come in complementary solids and patterns, you can mix and match to create your own designer look. they are mold, moisture, and mildew resistant, plus they wipe clean easily.

Self-stick vinyl tiles are used to add decorative style to your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, anywhere! These self-adhesive tiles are easily cut to fit up against edges or around corners. they require no grouting or sealing, can be installed over existing vinyl or backsplashes

Notice: Our product is self-stick vinyl wall tiles, not self-stick vinyl floor tiles,  please do not use for the floor decor. besides, they are waterproof but do not use where there is direct contact with water.

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