Black Subway Tile Backsplash Vinyl Stickers (10 tiles/ set)

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(79 customer reviews)

Black Subway Vinyl Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick cheap sale online

The price is for 10 tiles

Material: PET paper with high-quality PU glue on top.

Type: Peel and stick black tile backsplash.

Usage: The self-adhesive black backsplash tiles can be used for kitchen and bathroom walls, TV background, Laundry room, and restroom wall mosaic decor.


Black Subway Tile Backsplash Peel and Stick for Mosaic Art.

Application: Clever Mosaics’ black backsplash is a good solution for kitchen and bathroom mosaic decor.

Inspired by ceramic black tiles and black subway tile wallpaper, our peel and stick vinyl tile will create a high gloss and timeless backsplash. It is often associated with the contemporary or modern environment since its finish is clean and symmetrical. But don’t worry, The black subway tile wall sticker will fit your decor! It will offer you a unique but simple way to emphasize your individuality in your home, office, or RV.

peel and stick black mosaic tile

Our black brick subway tiles have a lot of advantages. More and more people like our black tiles and buy the tiles for their home improvement projects.

peel and stick self-adhesive mosaic tile advantage

Notice and Tips:

Our black wall tile sheet is used for HOME INTERIOR Decor. please do not use it for home exterior decor. we do NOT recommend sticking the backsplash tiles on dusty, porous, crumbling, or rough surfaces like below.

  • Porous wood, stucco, brick, ceramic, or glass tile with thick relief.
  • Textured wallpaper, unpainted gypsum, stone, etc.

Please do not install the adhesive black brick sticker tiles on floors, countertops, and ceilings.

We do NOT recommend installing the black sticker tiles on the surfaces with direct and continuous contact with water. Like the inside of a shower.


We sell our peel and stick mosaic subway tiles on some platforms, you can check Where to Buy

Also, you can buy the backsplash tiles from this website. we will deliver the tiles to you after the order accepts. Delivery charges will be based on the number of items in the package, delivery method, and destination of the package. We will process the order within 3 business days after acceptance of the order.

Besides, We cheap wholesale black subway tile backsplash. We have our own factory in China and export the tiles for serval years.

So if you want to order a big quantity, please free to contact us., we will give you a competitive price.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 25.5 × 1 cm

79 reviews for Black Subway Tile Backsplash Vinyl Stickers (10 tiles/ set)

    Sonia S
    September 21, 2019
    We ordered the subway style Clever Mosaics for our RV bathroom renovation and was instantly hooked. For our renovation we were looking for a professional look but couldn't afford the weight and time to install ceramic tile. We have done many houses and RV flips and would consider this alternative better than real tile! We ordered 25 sheets to complete an accent wall that leads into the shower. This tile was easy to install (it took us 1 hour), VERY adhesive and beautiful. It is highly water-resistant, easy to clean and has a real tile feel without the toothbrush-scrubbing grout to worry about! I would consider this a perfect product for a backsplash, shower, and even an accent wall. Can't wait to incorporate more of this product into my projects in the future.
    Jessica T.
    September 14, 2019
    This product looks like the real thing once applied! The customer service is awesome and I love the overall look!
    S. Haley
    September 4, 2019
    This stick on tile is amazing.east to install DIY. Looks really nice and most people thinks it's the real stuff. Super easy to take care of.
    Erica Kempf
    August 28, 2019
    So easy to install!!
    Delaney M Danielson
    August 28, 2019
    Used it as backsplash between countertop & cabinets. Little hard to install if you want it to go behind countertop backsplash, but can be done. Looks amazing when done.
    August 27, 2019
    Very good for what it is. Haven't had it long so time will tell. The gray and white goes beautifully with my wall and counter top.
    August 25, 2019
    Looks great... great value
    Elizabeth Penalver
    August 18, 2019
    Like the look when it is completed.
    August 12, 2019
    These are surprising pretty good and realistic looking.
    Nina S.
    August 9, 2019
    Beautiful easy stick on tiles! Will be buying more
    Therese Valin
    August 5, 2019
    Like the product lot. Would like to do this again when i get my home. Very difficult to install. Need two people. Person who installed it said he would never do this again unless they pay him big bucks. Great product, perfer this over tile and grout.
    Kindle Customer
    August 4, 2019
    I've wanted to switch out my plain wall for a back splash for some time now, but hesitated because although I wanted subway tiles, I didn't have the skill set or equipment to do actual ceramic tile back splash. I found these, read the reviews, looked at pics and decided to go with these because although the price is comparable to ceramic tiles I could get a Lowes, these wouldn't need grout, adhesive, tile cutter, etc. to install.Before they arrived (next day--I love Prime!), I'd cleaned and prepped the wall. I added a light coat of drywall spackle, filling in holes and covering up some spots on the wall that were uneven. (I'd read how the wall should be smooth, and mine wasn't.) I sanded that smooth (didn't take much) and marked out a level line to use when installing the tiles.The tiles were easy to measure and cut as needed. The adhesive on the back is pretty strong, so be sure it's where you want it before you press everything into place, as the tiles can tear if you attempt to remove them. I didn't have any problems joining the pieces--there's even a spot in the corner (not shown in the pics) where there's a weird curve to the end of the counter and I had to cut a smaller piece to fit, and it's not noticeable. (It's noticeable to me, but it doesn't stand out.)Overall, I like the way these tiles installed and I like the final look. An additional note: The tiles are not white--they're an off-white color. That didn't overly bother me, and I think they look fine against my white cabinets. Time will tell how easy they are to clean, but they're a vinyl like material, so I'm not anticipating anything horrible. I did caulk the edges where they met the counter--it gave a significantly more streamlined and professional look. I'll add a thin piece of trim molding to the two ends and run a thin line of caulk where they meet to finish off the look.
    July 30, 2019
    These are fantastic! My husband installed them in a few hours. No mess and look amazing. He struggled around the window but eventually got it. We had a few tiles to spare and they are easy to cut through. I recommend getting the extra stick because these are not going anywhere. They really give me kitche the Joanna Gaines feel I was looking for!
    July 28, 2019
    These are amazing and really made my kitchen look a lot better. They were easy to use and only took me about an hour to complete my project. I used 2 packs for my space.
    Renate Marlowe
    July 17, 2019
    Wow, these backsplash tiles really look great in our kitchen, were easy to apply, and don't look like stickers once they are on the wall!
    July 12, 2019
    Was very pleased with this product. Completed my project in the kitchen on my own in our new home. Looking back when we bought the place and know with fresh paint, alliances and tiles if I amazing.
    July 10, 2019
    Love the look of these tiles! Very easy to put up and cut with a box cutter. Some areas have been loosening up in the corners but not too much. Love it in my country kitchen!
    July 8, 2019
    The Product was easy to work with, easy to cut with scissors and to place. Once you set the first piece straight the rest went well. You just have to make sure the grout lines that you create by over lapping the white onto the grey are consistent with the original ones. You work left to right. We mapped out the next piece before taking the backing off, if there was an outlet or light switch in the way. We are very happy with the results. Take your time
    July 7, 2019
    I had seen Clever Mosaics tiles in a few blogs and finally decided to make a change to the kitchen in my rental. It looks amazing! The installation was easy and actually pretty fun. It looks really clean and realistic. So glad I decided to do it.
    Sara Linder
    July 7, 2019
    I really like this product. It can be a little tricky to install, as it's SO sticky and will rip the paint right off the walls if you have to readjust (which can leave the backing no longer sticky). However you really can't beat the finish you get for this price. From anywhere other than right up on it, you cannot tell it's not real tile
    Louis Mickels
    July 5, 2019
    Gives the job a high end look without all the mess. From close up you can tell it's not real, but it looks really good overall. Relatively easy to install (especially compared to tile) and much cheaper (if you include the cost of thinset and grout). I placed mine right over the top of some old ceramic tile, adhered just fine.
    Christina Howell
    July 3, 2019
    Easy to install in our camper!! Looks great!
    Angela Spencer
    July 2, 2019
    I love these and they have completely transformed my kitchen. My only problem is how expensive it was to cover my whole kitchen .
    June 14, 2019
    Love it!!! Made such a big change to my kitchen.
    June 9, 2019
    Got package within 3 days. Applied the same day I got it, super easy took about an hr. I just had 10 ft of wall to attach straight across with two outlets so it wasn't hard. I did purchase some spray adhesive just for extra protection because my walls are not smooth. They have a texture but it truly was easy. Scissors was my cutting tool and I had an exacto knife but it honestly could be done with either.
    Patricia M
    June 9, 2019
    I recieved the order in good condition, the tiles look thicker and better quality than others I've ordered in the past. The individual tiles within the sheet are a little larger than I thought they would be but look good and the texture feels nice. The lines of the 'marble' are a little blurry but not enough to look bad. I haven't put them up yet but I will update my review if my opinion changes after applying.
    Ellen Smith
    June 1, 2019
    They did arrived as promised. Seem to be good quality. Haven't installed them yet so I can't much more at this time.
    Brooke Prendes
    May 31, 2019
    Adhesion is good
    May 30, 2019
    Love these. They were so easy to install. They made my kitchen look amazing. We get compliments on the backsplash
    May 25, 2019
    Recently we decided to refresh the kitchen. The tiles fit the style we were looking for and the price/ease of install we needed. After reading all the reviews specifically the complaints we decided to pick up some extra contractor glue. We thought the wall was flat... It was not. So there are a few ripples and if we didn't spread out the glue enough it would ripple there too. In the end the ripples made it look like those artisan tiles. The texture of the actual tile is a bit rubbery so it sticks to the contact paper and it hard to smooth out. So we just kept using the top sheets clear plastic.If ever we move and rent an apartment or need a quick fix, we will be buying these or a variation again. Otherwise these work great until we can afford real tile and marble.
    May 25, 2019
    These tiles are amazing! Sleek, and stylish! So easy to install, the perfect diy upgrade! Definitely recommend!
    Jennifer Obermeier
    May 21, 2019
    Does not stay stuck to the wall.Wall was old paint so instructions said it should Stick.
    Mary Ann DAmore
    May 12, 2019
    You can tell from my pictures I had to stop after the second panel because it was very hard to line up the panels.... every panel has the edges that says overlap here when nothing (at least to me) measures up.... I'm not sure exactly what I'm not getting here but there's not one panel that has a straight edge; either one Edge says overlap here another is different lengths.... I have to call a handyman to get this done once it's done I know it will be beautiful
    May 12, 2019
    Difficult to get around outlets but I eventually figured out a good system. Great value and looks really nice
    May 9, 2019
    I put this in my camper! And I love it! It took me just a bit to get the hang of it. But once I got going... it was easy. I am impressed with how it turned out!!
    Chrissie Fennimore
    May 7, 2019
    Finally, I got it right. I order one before, work awesome but I needed more so I repurchase without reading, well I got the wrong one. please be aware there are 2 different styles of adhesive with the same style of tile. One is less adhesive for temporary hold which I didn't like and this one with a stronger hold. So far this one works great no tiles have fallen down compared to the less adhesive which fell in hours of install.
    christine sheng
    May 2, 2019
    These are a lot easier to install than the smaller tile versions. I did find this style harder to remove backing and the fronts were a little tacky.
    April 24, 2019
    Easy product to install, cut to size, etc. Looks quite real. I do recommend using an exacto knife to separate the film from the backing.
    Daniel Fischer
    April 23, 2019
    Great option to dress up a plain wall. You'll need a razor to cut to fit certain areas.
    April 20, 2019
    This was so easy and made a huge difference in my kitchen. And it was very inexpensive.
    Leonor Isabel
    April 17, 2019
    We put these up on one wall of our laundry room. They look great and really jazzed up the area. Thanks.
    April 13, 2019
    Prior to purchasing this brand, I did lots of research. Read sooooo many reviews on every brand. The items arrived the next day as indicated and they were in perfect condition upon opening the box. Even after reading and watching numerous videos I was still a little nervous. I'm trying to sell my house and the feedback I've received was people didn't really like my kitchen backsplash. The product was easy to install! It took about a total of 4 hours to put up correctly. I started it last night and finished today. The squares I put up last night were still up! None had fallen as with pictures I had seen that others posted. I put these directly over the black and white ceramic tile (with black grout) and I cannot see through the sheets. Cutting the sheets was easy I only used scissors. I had several cuts because lucky me my backsplash is 13! So I put up all of the sheets first and then went back to my starting point and cut strips all along the top. The finished project is beautiful! I am going to get some gray silicone/caulk and run a bead along the bottom edge and the top edge under the cabinets. This was not a hard project! I originally put up the ceramic tile myself and the installation of this product was so much simpler! I wish it was around back when I put up the original.
    April 11, 2019
    Takes a bit of patience to get the panels lined up just right, but we love the way the final product looks! A few corners have started to peel up, going to add a couple dots of glue to keep it down.
    Trayce C
    April 9, 2019
    Omg, this is the best idea ever! I didn't have money to do major upgrades and I have always wanted to modernize the look of my kitchen I saw this at Home Depot but found this on Clever Mosaics cheaper and with more selections ! It was so easy to do it took me 4 hours that includes prepping which was just clean my walls really well and sanded down some bumpy spots. I messed up one tile at the very beginning but after that, it was easy to get the hang of it. Just remember to lay the first tile correctly and leveled. We will see how long this will last but for $120 I would say this was an awesome upgrade!
    April 9, 2019
    What an amazing product! The black subway tile backsplash made such a difference and looks awasome. Besides very very very easy to install. Just a temporary fix before we do a complete kitchen remodel but definitely spruces it up! I do the kitchen remodel myself. Definitely recommend!
    April 4, 2019
    It looks like real tile! Has great adhesion too!
    C. Gogliettino
    March 31, 2019
    I used this in my kitchen right on top of old Formica. I cleaned the old wall & stuck the subway tile pattern clever mosaic tiled right over it. My kitchen is transformed!!! I love the new look. So easy to install.
    Linzi Thibodeaux
    March 30, 2019
    I absolutely love these! So easy once you get the hang of it. Adds such a nice touch!
    ronny lee greene
    March 29, 2019
    I put in in our camper. I did a backsplash and I love it.
    March 24, 2019
    Pics do not do them justice. They look great! And I dont think you'd ever know they weren't real without actually touching them. We installed left to right. One thing I'd say is to make sure you use a level when adding a new row. We didn't do that at first and they started slightly going up or down. When we hit the corner, we got the level out and the next wall went on straight and beautiful. We did prep the wall first- light sand and wash down and so far they seem to be sticking great. We did peel one up after being stuck down and it peeled up paint and dry wall so try to line it up before sticking it down! I now want to add a accent wall in my laundry room!
    March 17, 2019
    I am so happy!!! These are amazing! So easy, so sticky and they look so great. We put them in our guest house kitchen that we remodeled on a budget. I have told tons of people, get these!!
    March 12, 2019
    I bought these for my kitchen, they look great so far. Easy to cut and apply, they're sticking pretty well other than a few corners. There was a strong odor at first but it faded after a couple of days. Overall really happy with how they turned out, they transformed my kitchen
    Jenna Burton
    March 10, 2019
    That these are not ceramic tiles. They look great installed. Wish I had bought them for other locations in the home.
    Leila Knudson
    March 10, 2019
    I used 20 tiles to complete the backsplash in my travel trailer. They are very lightweight, easy to install and adhere well when the surface is cleaned properly before application. I love the look and have referred dozens of people to these.
    March 9, 2019
    We got these for the kitchen of our rv. They are hard to cut around windows, etc, but we like them enough that we're going to buy more to use in the bathroom too.
    Sharon Chambers
    March 3, 2019
    This was super easy yo install I used it I'm my travel trailer for a backsplash looks great and cleans well.
    Alex and Jon Steltzer
    February 26, 2019
    Patience when applying will make it so worth it in the end. I made sure the wall was level and drew a line to prevent the panels from becoming crooked. Like most people mentioned, if you try to readjust the panel, it'll take the drywall/paint off, but you're covering the wall anyway so it's no biggy.
    February 21, 2019
    So nice looking. I've had many great comments on how real they look
    Lonnie Horne
    February 17, 2019
    Perfect for our fixer upper! Great adhesion and super easy to cut for installation
    February 14, 2019
    Great product! Get compliments anytime somebody comes over. They can't believe it's a peel and stick. I think in total it took 4 hours to complete 30 square feet.
    February 12, 2019
    Happy with the overall look of this product and for less than $100 it's a nice upgrade for my kitchen. I actually thought putting these up was a lot harder than expected. Your measurements and cuts must be precise!!However, I was able to finish the project in one day so it's manageable.
    Summer McCartney
    February 9, 2019
    Easy to apply. Used scissors and did all myself. Looks great in my kitchen!!!
    Leronda k Cannon
    February 8, 2019
    These worked and look great.
    sarah edwards
    February 6, 2019
    Have no clue why people are saying it doesn't stick. Followed the instructions in our new home (paint had been on the walls a while). Sprayed them down with honest multi purpose cleaner and I haven't seen a single corner peel in two weeks. We did our entire kitchen.Update: we've had this up for over a month and still have yet to see any peeling. We used no extra glue.Update 2: had this in my kitchen for over a year. No peeling still looks great.
    February 4, 2019
    The tiles were very easy to install, super sticky and made such a big difference, I combined with another peel and stick tile to really make a difference. Also in the process of changing the counters...
    February 3, 2019
    We installed Clever Mosaics subway tiles in the little kitchen area of our van. I can't believe how real these look. We attached the tiles to an unpainted wood surface and so far they are sticking. So easy to do. We love them.
    Jessica verlare
    January 30, 2019
    Exactly as described! Easy install!
    January 30, 2019
    Other than where these end, you would have no idea that they are not real! These are in our camper and we get so many compliments. Not difficult to install at all. Completely worth the money.
    Lyzz AnJo
    January 29, 2019
    These stick beautifully. You really do need to follow the instructions, otherwise it's very difficult to match everything up.I discovered this the hard way because I thought I knew better for my small space, but I was wrong. They look great, are easy to wipe down, and are doing a great job of protecting my wall, while making the space look more polished.
    J. Brown
    January 27, 2019
    Love this product! Easy install and made my kitchen remodel look like a million bucks and didn't break the bank.
    MeL })i({
    January 20, 2019
    This was so easy to install! I was able to do this small project myself in a few hours. I wanted to do an easy rental friendly update to the kitchen so I chose to do a backsplash by my sink. I love it! Just make sure to take your time and measure out guidelines.
    Kristal lowery
    January 17, 2019
    We ordered these for our fireplace; they've been wonderful and we've also received many compliments. But you can, however, see the bend in the grout line behind them - from the previously installed tiles. We rent our home so we can't/ aren't changing tiles. This time, I wanted to order them to install in the kitchen but I really didn't want the grout line to show again. So I got this drywall compound for $5 at Walmart(just get the biggest and cheapest container you can find). Then I used a food handling glove and just slapped it on focusing on the grout lines and filling them in - I know used more than I probably needed to. Then my hubby went behind that(once the drywall mud was dry and firm) and 'chiselled' the extra off with a wall putty knife and hammer(both shown here). It left a perfectly filled in grout line that lies flush with the previously installed tile and the sticky tiles look amazing! We are even considering re-doing the fireplace soon!Hope this review helps someone else!????
    January 12, 2019
    I love these. If you don't get them right where you want them you can simple peel them back off and replace them
    January 11, 2019
    I love the look of these subway tiles. I was a little bummed out that the gray "grout" chips! It did it often and on two separate packages, so it wasn't just a bad pack like I was hoping. However, the tiles came out looking great and were worth the price!
    Hiking high
    January 10, 2019
    Easy to install as long as you start out straight.
    January 8, 2019
    Great tiles. They look great, and are holding up very well..... they have a great adhesive. I would purchase again!
    December 31, 2018
    These are AMAZING. we used them in our camper and I was truly amazed at how easy they were to install. They stick really well. We will see how they hold up over storage in winter! You'd never know they were not real tile unless you touch them.
    December 29, 2018
    Pretty cool looking but I underestimated the amount I needed.Nice product
    December 17, 2018
    I got the black subway tiles for my kitchen backsplash and I am very impressed -- it looks very real 3D high gloss subway mosaic after installation! Installation was really easy; it only took me about 2 hours and the hold is very strong. I've now had this backsplash up for more than 3 months and haven't had any issues. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of doing an easy renovation!!!
    Reply from Clevermosaics:
    Thank you for your kind review and highly recommend, we are so glad that you like our black subway tile backsplash!
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