Peel and Stick Pink Mosaic Tile Sticker (10 tiles/set)

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Mosaic Tile Sticker High Gloss 3D Colorful Design

Material: PET paper with PU glue on top

Size: 10 x 10inch (25.4 x 25.4cm)

Type: Self-adhesive Square Shape Tile Backsplash Sticker CM80204

Usage: the mosaic tile sticker can be used for kitchen and bathroom walls, TV background, and restroom wall mosaic decor.


Mosaic  Tile Sticker Pink 3D Square Design 10 x 10 inches.

Looking for a quick mosaic decoration for your home wall refresh project, this peel and stick mosaic tile sticker can be a good choice for you.

Inspired by self-adhesive mosaic wallpaper, our peel and stick tile sticker will create a high gloss 3d mosaic effect and timeless backsplash. It is often associated with the contemporary or modern environment since its finish is clean and symmetrical. But don’t worry, The adhesive sticker tile will fit your decor! Besides if you want small mosaic tile stickers, you can cut them into small pieces.

Simply peel and stick, mosaic covering your kitchen and bathroom by yourself with a little time and budget cost.

Peel and Stick Tile Mosaic Sticker Application

Simply peel and stick, mosaic covering your home walls by yourself with a little time and budget cost. It will offer you a unique but simple way to emphasize your individuality in your home, office, or RV space.

Peel and stick mosaic tile sticker for bathroom shower wall

mosaic tile sticker for bathroom

Mosaic tile stickers for Laundry room

mosaic tile sticker

Peel and Stick Red Mosaic Tile Sticker Features and Advantages:

  • The 3D effect mosaic look
  • The peel and stick pink backsplash is easy to install, maintain, and clean
  • The tile stickers are resistant to stain, fading, moisture, and mildew
  • The tile backsplash sticker is resistant to the heat of stovetops and humidity of bathrooms
  • No grout, no glue, no special tool, and no mess. You can install the sticker yourself in minutes over a clean, dry, flat, and smooth surface.
  • You can stick the mosaic tile sticker over existing clean and drywall tiles
  • The self-stick tile sticker stuck very firmly and avoid the piece go off
  • The mosaic tile sticker is removable
  • Available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and original designs
  • Half the cost of expensive than real mosaic tiles
  • All the mosaic tile stickers can be customized in different colors and patterns upon your request.

The mosaic tile sticker is a better choice than mosaic stone tiles for home interior wall mosaic decor. It has a lot of advantages, and more and more people like it and buy it for their home wall refresh

peel and stick self-adhesive mosaic tile advantage

Notice and Tips:

Our 3d mosaic tile sticker is used for HOME INTERIOR Decor, please do not use it for home exterior decor. we do NOT recommend sticking the mosaic sticker on dusty, porous, crumbling, or rough surfaces like below.
● Porous wood, stucco, brick, ceramic, or glass tile with thick relief.
● Textured wallpaper, unpainted gypsum, stone, etc.

Do not install our mosaic tile sticker on floors, countertops, and ceilings. We do not recommend using our sticker for the surface with direct and continuous contact with water like the inside of a shower either.


We sell our subway backslash on some platforms, you can check Where to Buy

Also, you can buy the tiles from our website, we will deliver the self-adhesive wall tiles to your address. Delivery charges are based on the number of items in the package, delivery method, and destination of the package. We will process the order within 3 business days.

Besides we cheap wholesale peel and stick subway wall tiles, we have our own factory in China and export the tiles for serval years, so if you want to order a big quantity of self-adhesive wall tiles, please contact us at, we will give you a competitive price.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions25.5 × 25.5 × 1 cm

8 reviews for Peel and Stick Pink Mosaic Tile Sticker (10 tiles/set)

    Peel and Stick Pink Mosaic Tile Sticker (10 tiles/set) photo review
    July 23, 2020
    Love the outcome so much! Easy to install. Will order more
    Edna M.
    September 14, 2019
    It didn't serve my purpose. It was very difficult to install because of the adhesive. Once it touched any of the work surface it was difficult to remove and reposition. I've used other products that were not as difficult. The pattern is interlocking and because of this, I found it to be difficult placing it in the right position. You have to get it right the first time. I removed it, and it removed the drywall paper with it. I had to start all over with a different product that was easier to work with. This may work better on a different surface.
    Paul S. Kim
    August 28, 2019
    These make your walls look very professionally done even though it's just a sticker! wowowow!
    Tracy Wagner
    August 21, 2019
    I was looking to update my kitchen with a simple back slash but didn't want to hire a handyman to install and grout tile. I found these little gems and thought what the heck, it looks simple enough and for the price, I wouldn't feel guilty if I messed it up or didn't like it. Well, it was super easy, it took me a couple hours and it looks great!!!
    July 11, 2019
    My house is VERY old and working with this product just confirmed that LOL. I had to make a lot of interesting cuts to make the lines straight and lined up properly with the first tile. It was not an easy process. For someone with straighter walls/cabinet, it will only take a few moments to cut, line up, and apply. I had to measure several times. I am so happy I purchased more (trial and error-measure four times and cut once)! At the end of the day, it was worth the frustration (not with the product). Perfect for my needs!
    May 7, 2019
    Very easy to put on the wall, the product is just like it says, 'Peel and Stick'. Colorful top and I am happy with how it came out, cleaned up my kitchen top a bit with a splash of color in the background.
    January 18, 2019
    These mosaic tile stickers are great, easy to apply, as expected. Wow they make a huge difference during my low-budget kitchen upgrade!!! I do with they were cut either straight on both sides, or staggered on both sides. Instead one side is cut straight while the other side is cut staggered which makes it hard to make it flow once you start cutting to accommodate things such as light switches, stove, walls, counters, etc. Otherwise, they are spendy for what they are, but I love the outcome either way. Easier than grouting etc. A little more than I wanted to spend on my renters kitchen but my toddler is spellbound by lovely light reflecting off of the tile and I love it.
    December 2, 2018
    Dont stick to wood, regardless of whether you use extra adhesive glue.Tiles themselves are nice 3-D looking.
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