Peel n Stick Self Adhesive Tile Backsplash CM80144 (6pcs pack)

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Peel n Stick Backsplash 3D Mosaic Wall Sticker Tile

Material: PET paper with PU glue on top

Type: Peel n Stick Backsplash 3D Mosaic Tile CM80144

Usage: The peel n stick backsplash can be used for kitchen and bathroom walls, TV background, and restroom wall mosaic decor.


Peel n Stick Self Adhesive Backsplash Mosaic 3D Wall Tile Sticker


peel n stick tile backsplash for kitchen backsplash mosaic DIY decor.

peel n stick backsplash

The peel n stick backsplash or self-adhesive tile is used for home interior wall mosaic decor. It has a lot of advantages, more and more people like it and buys it for their home wall refresh.

peel and stick self-adhesive mosaic tile advantage

Notice and Tips:

Our peel n stick backsplash is used for HOME INTERIOR DECOR, please do not use it for home exterior decor.

We do not recommend the backsplash for dusty, porous, crumbling or rough surfaces like below.
● Porous wood, stucco, brick, ceramic or glass tile with thick relief.
● Textured wallpaper, unpainted gypsum, stone, etc.

Do not install the self-adhesive backsplash on floors, counter, ops, and ceilings. We do not recommend installing the tile direct and continuous contact with water either, like the inside of a shower.


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Also, you can buy the tiles from our website, we will delivery the self-adhesive wall tiles to your address. Delivery charges based on the number of items in the package, delivery method and destination of the package. The order will be processed within 3 business days after acceptance of the order.

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Peel n Stick Backsplash
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106 reviews for Peel n Stick Self Adhesive Tile Backsplash CM80144 (6pcs pack)

  1. Glen

    They look amazing on the wall! The colors are beautiful! However; there are a few issues. These tiles are a little difficult to install. We had to order way more tiles than we thought we would because you have to install them with one certain edge that overlaps the previous one, That meant there was a lot of each tile that couldn’t be used at all. If you were installing just one straight line of tile one tile high then it would be more cost-effective, but most kitchens aren’t going to be just that.

  2. candice hardesty

    Product was very easy to use. It took just a few minutes to install and it gives the room a sophisticated look. I would recommend this product for a inexpensive price with a high quality look.

  3. Jenny

    These peel n stick backsplash look great on the walls and are a good deal. we pay attention to install the first sheet correctly, after we got the hang of it, the process went much easier. I did an 8 ft by 13 in section of my kitchen in about 1 hour. Going around outlets and the corners was the hardest. Definitely buy an Exact-o knife, a metal (not plastic- I sliced mine up a bit) straight edged ruler, and something like a wallpaper smoother to prevent air bubbles. The sheets are very sticky and I think they will hold up well. Follow the instructions of marking where the top of the sheet should stick and not just the bottom. I didn’t do this and learned the hard way that the corners in my kitchen aren’t a perfect 90 degree angle. After a little trail and error, I’m very happy with the results. They quite look like real tiles from distance, the peel n stick backsplash is the easiest way to update the kitchen backsplash!

    • Clevermosaics (store manager)

      Thank you, Jenny, yes, the peel n stick backsplash is really a good choice for the kitchen backsplash update. we are glad that you did a good job!

  4. J. Radelich

    This is a great product. I would like to find BIGGER sheets. I had to order the 2nd…then just now ordered the 3rd to cover the area due to trimming, matching, etc. It’s easy to use, cuts easy, looks terrific. The price was even better and shipping expedient. Thank you.

  5. Eva (store manager)

    This milk-white peel n stick subway backsplash is great. Yes, it’s confusing to figure out how to install it (but it’s forgiving), it is plastic tile….but it doesn’t scream “plastic”. The peel n stick vinyl tile looks great and was a perfect, cost-effective, do-it-yourself solution for ugly kitchen wallpaper installed by the previous homeowner.

  6. lohse Marie

    This product is awesome I love it now my kitchen looks completely different so pretty

  7. Liz R.

    Overall, I’m pleased with this product. It was fairly easy to install, and has stayed stuck to the wall despite fluctuating temperatures in the room. It’s also very easy to wipe down. My only complaint is the product is on the thinner side. If you look very closely, you can see changes in paint color behind the tile. If you’re looking to cover up wall imperfections or crazy colors, I would not recommend this product. This is installed in our camper and it turned out just as I expected. I would buy the same product again over something more expensive.

  8. sungoddess

    We bought these for our cabin to refresh the kitchen. WOW! What a difference. They look way better than expected and have held up through very hot summers and super cold winters. Been up for 2 years now and still look great. I little harder to install then expected but way easier and cheaper than actual tiling. NO MESS!NOTE: Read the Directions ‘Guys’! Tried to figure it out without directions…READ THE DIRECTIONS!

  9. Tara

    Love the look! Tip #1: have patience and time. Tip #2: Once you stick them on they are on but you can use spray adhesive and if you haven’t ripped them or mangled them too much you can still use them.

  10. lim211

    I was very hesitant to purchase this because of the different reviews but I’m SO glad I did. The hardest part of this is getting the first square started but after that it’s super easy. Looks like other people who had issues were doing it incorrectly and interlocking instead of overlapping on the gray area. If you follow the directions you’ll be fine! If def helped upgrade my old kitchen!

  11. Antoine

    These worked well and you can’t beat the price. I don’t know how long they will last but they were a big improvement over the old pink laminate that used to be there, and at $3 a square foot (I installed myself) it saved about a thousand bucks and took only three hours. If only they made peel and stick cabinets…

  12. Nichol Humburg

    This product was a great solution in a space where a ceramic tile wasn’t an option. My kitchen looks clean and updated. And a bonus was the amazing customer service I received from Art3d. I had and issue with my project and the matter was resolved in an extremely timely and generous way.

  13. Melisha ross

    I love the look of this peel & stick however, I am having some issues with it staying stuck any suggestions as to how to remedy this problem?

  14. DAG

    This turned out great! I feel like I have a new kitchen. So I read a lot of the reviews on this item and took in all the tips others offered. I sanded my wall first (I had textured paint, just sanded area where I was applying the backsplash). Cleaned wall night before so it would dry well. I used an adhesive spray. Measured and marked where to line up just to make sure it all went on straight as possible. As others said, It takes PATIENCE! My first 2 took a couple tries (be careful, once applied if you pull off you will pull off paint). But once I got going it went well. Spent a couple hours applying this. But well worth the time spent. I plan on purchasing more of a different design to put in my bathroom.

  15. Scott

    Great price, I doubt you will be able to find as much cover-able area for the price. I used these over my walls in a vintage camper. There had been previous water damage from years ago that crinkled the vainer walls. Surprisingly this product turned out extremely well in covering these areas up. I used a painters Metal Edge Trim Guard to scrape the walls prior to installing. This product does show some texture of the wall behind it. Anyway, turned out great and has an air-stream look now. Everyone who goes in my camper always comments on the silver subway tile first now. Fantastic product.

  16. Erik

    These are really great, and easy to install. They have dimension to them, so they don’t just lay flat against the wall. The tacky side sticks very easily to the wall, but beware, it will peel your paint if you pull it off of the wall. They are easy to cut with a box cutter or scissors, so you can easily measure your space and fit them where you need. I ordered 2 packs of them and I was easily able to cover the backsplash in my kitchen. It looks so nice!

  17. constance donald

    I was worried about purchasing these because several reviews stated that they didn’t line up, hard to install, gaps..etc. Come to find out those people are ignorant. These things were so easy! And they look great!

  18. Morganna May

    Looks great. Cuts easily and goes on smooth. I pit this over paneling and you can’t even tell. I love it.

  19. Susan

    This was a pretty easy project that took me about 2 hours. I watched the application videos and took off! I did use the 3m spray adhesive because my walls are very textured. I love how it turned out and I plan on doing another area in my laundry room next. The easiest way to get the seems to be invisible is to line up the overlap as best as you can, if you overlap the tile too much you can see the seem more. I can’t speak too much on durability because I just did it today. My only complaint right now if I had one is that the tile has a slightly sticky texture to it when you remove the protective sheet off. Overall I’m really impressed with the look that I got with 2 hrs of work and one box of tiles, can’t beat the price for a project like this.

  20. Billy

    This looks beautiful. My brother in law installed this in about one hour. Looks just like real tile! I am going to have my daughter use it when she builds her house this fall!

  21. Adia DeWitt

    My expectations weren’t extremely high considering the price and the fact they are glorified stickers. They are pretty transparent so they can’t really be installed over wallpaper or dark paint color. So, if your wall is white and not textured at all and you think stickers that look like tiles will look cool, you’ll get exactly what you expect.

  22. mom

    Nice look for a little makeover! Pretty durable and tile texture.

  23. Terry Reeves Martin

    I used this in my travel trailer around the stove area. No, I don’t plan to use the gas stove, so melting is not an issue for me. These tiles look great and installed quickly. I was a little concerned about them sticking right the first time, so I went ahead and used some 3M spray adhesive. Zero trouble with them coming loose. One thing, I am a litlle puzzled why the front of these tiles still feel rather sticky two months later. Not a deal breaker, just wondering. Perhaps I should try some adhesive cleaner on them, but so what?

  24. Mackenzie Hooper

    This is a wonderful DIY adhesive backsplash! It’s a little tricky when you first get started but once you get the hang of it it goes on pretty easily. It’s hard to describe but you have to apply it a little at a time. Instead of peeling off a sheet and just pressing it on, it’s sort of rubbery. You just have to work with the texture and plan to waste the first square so you can learn how it feels and how it works. But I absolutely love the way it looks! It looks like real tile. I highly recommend this product. What a deal!

  25. Tari C.

    Product was better than pictured!! It looks absolutely fabulous on the backsplash, and then we used more around the camper refrigerator, pulling it all together very nicely.

  26. Tracy

    These tiles are nice, but to get the tiles to merge together was not easy. I can’t complain too much when you know the price.

  27. Sledge

    I’m so happy with this purchase. I now have a completely new kitchen. The self stick tiels go up easy and stay put. Before and after pictures…

  28. murrie56

    These worked out very well for a new kitchen backsplash. The finished product looked great and the seams were not as noticeable a we thought they might be. Installation was a bit tricky at first. Measuring and cutting was most important. Luckily my husband was a perfectionist in this skill.

  29. Mommyonthego

    I used behind sink and under cabinet right over old wallpaper. It looks like real tile. The protective film was tricky to remove and it doesn’t wipe smoothly. Great value for price.

  30. Courtney H.

    We installed these on the backsplash of the kitchen in our rental to cover existing tile (from the 60s). It completely changed the look of the kitchen. They were incredibly easy to install. I used a guillotine style paper cutter to get the straightest cuts possible and it worked very well.

  31. ryan

    It looks really good when on, super sticky so it was hard to adjust when I put the first one on crooked. So I have a small gap on one side cuz I couldn’t remove it easy enough.

  32. Zo? Potter

    I used these as a backsplash. They look great! Install was fairly easy, however matching up the seems was a bit tricky. We did have to pull the second tile down to readjust. It did come of the wall and we were able to reapply. The tiles do have a rubbery feel to them, which is different from normal tiles. All in all they look great and this was the best price around for the square footage.

  33. Sharie

    I love this vinyl subway tile. Easy to cut and install. Just make sure the pieces of tile are all the same direction (don’t turn one square upside down) – then they will line up perfectly. Some reviewers made this mistake. Start from one end and work your way to the other end. I used marble contact paper for the counters (and strips of the contact paper for the small space at the top of the backsplash, about a cm wide.) The subway tile wipes clean on the backsplash. I highly recommend!

  34. diane

    Excelente producto. Estoy muy feliz con mi compra y el envio.

  35. TC

    Very easy to use and measure and cut. They look great and we’re well worth it to me.

  36. Wendy huyck

    These are really nice. Directions could be better, some spots didn’t stick well where overlapping another piece. They look very nice on the wall. They aren’t really 11.25×10 due to overlapping and having to cut some off at the corners and the end.

  37. Shelby Mulcahy

    Gives my fireplace beauty…blown away by this product

  38. Bryttni

    This arrived yesterday. The day before I had removed my wallpaper borders in the travel trailer, and today I installed this tile. I was very apprehensive. But it turned out beautifully, and I have no concerns about the adhesive not being strong enough. I love real tile, but was not an option in my trailer. Grout cracks with motion, and also the window has only about 1/8 in clearance. This was perfect for the job. We love it!

  39. Kimia

    I was skeptical when my husband wanted to use these in our kitchen reno, but they look great and we get many compliments. You really cannot tell that they are stuck on. It has been 6 months and they still look as good as the day we stuck them on the wall. We purchased the small white subway with white grout look. I would recommend. Cheap and easy.

  40. C.W.


  41. WebsterWeir

    Very satisfied…was a problem with order not complete but finally received rest of order, seller was honest and found error and made it right. We put in kitchen, it made a nice face lift….husband said it was a little hard to work with…just don’t totally take backing off all at once…start small side and lay it and slowly remove backing….we did order spray glue to make sure it’d hold. For the price…it made a really nice difference.

  42. IIDolphins

    I love these! I used them in my camper bathroom and they look really great. I will say they are a little difficult to cut, I was using a brand new exacto blade so i know it wasn’t the blades fault.

  43. Ronda Wilson

    It looks good I love it

  44. Allen

    I am so happy with this product it really transform my kitchen

  45. Michael H.

    Product looks like real tile! Perfect to redo my RV see the before and after! Peel the back off and start your first one. Start in a corner and overlay, cut with your scissors to fit cut outs ! Be sure to remove the protective film as you go. Awesome product

  46. Tori Walkoviak

    This is great if you don’t know how to put up a real subway tile or if you don’t have the money for real tile. It looks like the real thing and it’s super easy to put up!

  47. Bakin’ Momma

    Extremely pleased. It took some practice. Watch some videos. But really does change the look of a kitchen for fraction of the cost. If you are on a budget.

  48. Brittany P

    I think the pictures speak for themselves. These are the best! So easy to use, durable and looks amazing once completed. I read all the other reviews here before I bought them, and followed their tips and tricks and feel extra confident that if I wanted to do this somewhere in another room, I could do it. A little pricey- but well worth it.

  49. Charlene C. Arnold

    I recently discovered the wild world of adhesive tiles/backsplash – I had NO idea such a thing existed! I just started remodeling my little one’s play kitchen from IKEA, and had seen lots of cute ideas where you could add a backsplash by using a cardboard or wood backing. When I went to Home Depot I was kind of shocked at the price of some of the self adhesive sheets – roughly $20 on average for a 12’x12′ sheet. I was looking to spend $60 on fake backsplash just for a toy kitchen, so I was thrilled when I found this seller on Amazon had exactly what I wanted with the white subway tile at a fraction of the cost. These had a quasi long lead time to be delivered once I purchased – but they honestly showed up almost a week and a half before they were due, so off the bat I already liked them. Second, these were packaged with clear instructions on two sheets (one on the packaging itself & another loose piece of paper) and were very basic on how you’re advised to install. Because I was adhering mine to a solid piece of cardboard, I didn’t have to thoroughly clean the area before applying in quite the same way you’re instructed to. These also came with a protective film over the top to prevent any damage or scuff marks from occurring in transit. These actually stuck on quite well, I was rather impressed at the durability of the adhesive (would I trust just the adhesive in a full size kitchen – probably not, I’d probably double up with a second layer of spray adhesive.) but for my use, it was perfect. This was a quick install and overlapping the connecting pieces (I used 3 sheets in total) was seamless and easy! I’m so impressed with how this turned out, and my daughter absolutely loves her new ‘glammed’ up kitchen with it’s realistic features! :) Two thumbs up, I would definitely purchase from this seller again, terrific product!

  50. mom of 3


  51. AreinaFierce

    We have never bought self stick backsplash before but I can tell you this does exactly what it says it will do. It goes on easy it’s easy to trim to fit to the other piece and the color is true. Now that we have it on our kitchen wall it looks so nice. Great buy

  52. Mary Jo Warwick

    Arrived earlier than expected and is exactly as described. (The plastic is still on them) I will update this review once installed.

  53. Tizzie

    I’ve been renovating our 2007 Travel Trailer and recently installed the Clever Mosaics Subway Tile sheets in my kitchen and bathroom backsplash. Two boxes covered both areas with two sheets left over. Because they are so sticky, it was a little challenging at first putting the sheets on. But I figured out a couple of tricks along the way that made it simpler. Patience is the key. Don’t rush it and you’ll have an awesome looking wall faster than you think!1) RV walls are not straight. Plus I had curved windows, electrical outlets, etc. to cut around. By my second wall, I learned it was better to paint a white background along the edges of where my tiles were going so that just in case something was slightly off, it blended in with the tile. For example, around the window, along with the ceiling, wherever the edge of my project would be. My husband also put trim along the edges where the tile met the wall which looked nice.2) it worked much better putting the subway tile sheets over the RV vinyl wallpaper than the wall I had painted with Gripper primer. Sometimes you have to peel off a section of the tile sheet to realign it. No problem if it was on the vinyl, but when I tried it on the part that had been prepainted with gripper, it pulled part of the gripper paint off too. I still got it to work, but I wish I hadn’t painted the vinyl first. Removing the border is also helpful because it will also peel off and adhere to the back of the tile if you are redoing3) MOST IMPORTANT!! Many people were frustrated because it was so sticky it was hard to put on. But here’s the trick I learned….don’t peel the whole backing off and then try to put it on. That’s the hard way! The first thing you will do is draw a template on your tile to cut out the shape you need. On the front side of the tile is a plastic sheet that you can trace a template on and then cut. It peels off when you’re ready. Be careful though if you use markers. I ruined one sheet because it rubbed off somehow on the tile when I peeled the film off. Once you’ve cut out your tile, with the backing still on test it to make sure it fits properly on the wall. Sometimes I had to trim here and there to get it just right. When you are ready, then peel off a small edge of the backing. Line up your tile on the wall without letting the sticky section touch the wall. The rest of the tile with the backing can touch while you line it up. When it’s straight, press down the section that is sticky. Once it’s tacked down, start peeling off the rest of the backing and slowly press down the rest of the tile working from one side to the other. If it was an odd cut where I was tacking down the tile around something like an electrical outlet, I would cut off the backing in sections pressing the tile down as I went. Part of the tile overlaps the previous tile you’ve put down. Make sure it’s lined up well because the tiles really stick to each other. It’s easier to peel it off the wall if you need to realign it than another tile.It’s very hard to try to work with the tile if you take the entire backing off. The tile is floppy and whatever it touches sticks. But if you do it this way, it’s much more manageable. I’m happy with the results.

  54. annmarie

    These are sort of tricky to apply, but once you get used to it not too bad. Always order 1 box extra as you will run short due to ‘messed up’ ones…I wanted to change the look of my 70’s kitchen and that I accomplished, would do it again !

  55. Cmang

    We used it as a backsplash in our kitchen. It was perfect for giving our kitchen and update for a inexpensive price. Durability I don’t know yet as we have just had it up for a few weeks

  56. Majida Alkhaja

    The tiles were perfect made a huge impact in my kitchen and brightened everything up. So easy to use

  57. Terra Wynkoop

    Looks as pictured not so easy to install

  58. ROSA

    Bought a 10 piece set just to see if I liked it, and love it!! I even had to peel a few tiles off to readjust them and they are still there a month later with no issues and no additional adhesive applied!! Thanks for bringing my 106 year old home into the new century with a timeless look!

  59. Luis

    Loved this product super easy to use! I bought one pack to try it out and will be ordering a bunch more to finish kitchen!

  60. Ashley

    Love it!!! It looks AMAZING! Super easy to install! Gives a very fresh look to your kitchen. Looks even better than real tile. We received so many compliments on it from friends and family! :)

  61. Amneris Jacobucci

    We bought this tile to use as a backsplash in our travel trailer. It is lightweight and easy to work with. We didn’t have any problems installing it and haven’t had any problems with it sticking to the walls. We love the way it turned out.

  62. Tera Russell

    Got these for our new toy hauler. The only thing I don’t like is the sticky feel they have. As you can see, I installed them around our stove. They’re easy to wipe clean with a wet cloth. Stick well to the two different surfaces.

  63. Michelle M. Belfiore

    Used this for my kitchen backsplash and I absolutely love it

  64. mary e clukey

    I absolutely loved this product. It looks beautiful and was so easy to install. As of now it is durable and easy to clean. Unfortunately I measured wrong and came up short, but I will definitely order more! I strongly recommend this product.

  65. Samantha Cats (Claire W.)

    Redid laundry room they worked great. Thick like rubbery.. which make them look real

  66. H Adkins

    I love the colors! It looks great on the wall, is fast and easy to install, and easy to clean up.

  67. huong nguyen

    Looks great. A little more difficult to cut than I expected. Very sticky. Do not try to reposition. Great if you need a flat splash without much dimension.

  68. trinity

    We wanted to do our backsplash for the kitchen. It was easy to cut and put up. The only down side is that the scratch easily . They look nice and are easy to wipe down with a soft no abrasive cloth .

  69. Samantha Perrot

    I added these to the back wall of my small laundry room and they turned out great! I am one of those people that read all the reviews before purchasing. Most of the low ratings are from people not using these correctly! Note that they OVERLAP, not interlock. I used a spray adhesive for rubber and vinyl. I sprayed the wall and the back of the sticker before applying. I have no issues with them peeling off. I’m not sure if this extra step was necessary, but I did it just in case because I have some texture on my walls (pictured). I used a combo of a box cutter and scissors to cut them. The gel can be a little annoying to cut through but just run the cutter through it a few times and it’ll work. It took me about 3-4 hours to do this (4 boxes worth). Just be patient and take your time! It’s worth it in the end. There are 3 layers to the stickers. My advice is to take the back off to expose the adhesive, apply to the wall and then take off the top protective layer. The only other thing to note is that the actual tile size is smaller than I expected (about the size of a business card). Still happy with my purchase and recommend this product. I can’t wait to finish the rest of the laundry room now! Update: Added a picture with the finished laundry room! I also had a visitor that tried touching the tile thinking they were totally real! The product is still holding up great.

  70. JenRN

    i was glad this was very nice 3 d was good to work with

  71. Dee Coker

    Used it for my sons toy kitchen. Easy to use and cut. My husband stuck it to a piece of cardboard. Very good adhesive.

  72. Jennifer L.

    This product is awesome. We were trying to renovate our kitchen and instead of replacing the Formica countertop we had we decided to take this route instead. More affordable and less of a hassle. We used about 4 boxes of 10, 12×12. It’s easy to use and adheres very well. We sanded the countertop and backsplash before adding the subway tiles which I think helped it stick better. Just follow the pattern as directed and shouldn’t have an issue. I did have trouble with getting some bubbles but honestly if you just work the tiles lightly enough into the position and then press you shouldn’t have a problem. After the first few it became a breeze.

  73. Duan Henry

    awesome product, looks great and stays looking great

  74. Bobby

    After being contacted by seller and given the directions to overlap the edges I liked this product. I am so very happy to have the extra contact so the back splash will be installed. If anyone has questions write the seller and obtain the instructions.

  75. rodney ford

    Just put this tile up in my RV bathroom as a vanity backsplash. Was easy to cut and install and you can even pull up the paper if you accidentally stick it in the wrong spot! People have come to visit and have actually thought it was real tile. Of course it doesn’t feel like real tile but it looks pretty darn close. Great for RV renovations since it is super lite weight and easy to install!

  76. Katie g

    These peel & stick tiles gave our kitchen the perfect little makeover. Be careful when you’re measuring to allow some room for human error; but thankfully these sheets were also sold in a single sheet so I could get that last little bit that I lost when I messed up. I would definitely buy (another style) again for the bathroom.

  77. Travis Ann Sherman

    Love the look! They definitely do not look like real tile but they are cute for what I was doing with them. 4 stars because they were a pain to install! Finished product turn out good!

  78. nelly carrion

    Wow this came out perfectly in my laundry room, easy to cut looks great love it

  79. JLB

    these are as good as imitation tiles come! my kitchen looks so much better because I bought this brand.

  80. Casey Dixon

    Perfect for a temporary quick fix. My daughter said it was easy to apply and she is happy with it!

  81. Lana

    Amazing sticker tiles, cost-effective!!! These are great, completely transform my kitchen, worth every penny£¡They were easy to cut and install. I cleaned and flatted the wall surface first, applied some WINDEX to the surface prior to sticking it on. This allowed me to move around freely so I can position it perfectly. I took a window squeegee to smooth the bubbles out so you can get every piece perfectly flat. They stick perfectly once fully dry out, look like real tile!!!

  82. BK

    I love the way these make my kitchen look totally different! A new shade of paint, and these tiles are all it took to transform a boring room to brand new!

  83. Sydney Stetzel

    I have not had any issues with unpeeling. My surface was prepared with a base coat of flat white paint on camper walls behind stove and sink. Can not attest to the washability of it yet. It feels somewhat sticky or has a drag feeling on surface. I expected totally smooth.Time will tell.

  84. Jessica Dawn

    This is perfect for a temporary look. I can’t spend thousands on a kitchen remodel at this time in my life. But these faux tiles are amazing and we get tons of compliments! It’s worth it!

  85. TBrice

    Tiled backsplash in kitchen and down the wall by stove. Came out great and looks SO real!!

  86. Michael D. Harmon

    Work just as promised. I installed it over paneling. Absolutely love it!! I took these tiles along with another type of tile in created the stripe in between. Very easy to work with.

  87. Marcella Hall

    Looks like real tile


    The color is a true white, which is exactly what I wanted. The sheets are sticky, but not so sticky that you can’t peel them off and re-stick them if you don’t line them up perfectly. I was able to use a little Exacto knife and scissors to cut them. Pretty simple to figure out the installation. I only ruined two sheets ??. I also sprayed some adhesive on the wall to ensure they stick. They are wipable and look cute in my RV! Love ??

  89. Jan Meyers

    Looks like real deal. People cant believe they are stickers at first. Even used on angled corners and looks great as well.

  90. JD

    Used the product to remodel a travel trailer kitchen backsplash. Product was easy to use & looks great. Had a small issue when I ordered single sheets but the problem was resolved effectively and promptly. Great customer service. Thanks, Carl.

  91. Wearybear

    My apartment lacks things that the newer construction apartment or old school apartments have so these are a lifesaver my bathroom was just walls nothing special now it looks really good, the tiles shine as if it was glass I clean them with glass cleaner and they shine! I put chalk around the edges to make them look more neat and real and my bathroom steams when I take a shower and they’re still up.

  92. may martinez bailey


  93. skellybell

    Really easy to install and it sticks really well. Best Bang For Your Bucks!! I had a guy came to quote me to do the same exact style in tile would cost me $800 but instead this only cost me 30 bucks. Great Buy! Highly recommend

  94. Java

    Love this product. Easy to put up, hardest for me was the measuring when I had to cut to fit. When we moved in the kitchen was a drab grey. These tiles and a little paint has made the kitchen look great!

  95. Stephany Junco

    Ordered yesterday, received today, installed this afternoon/evening. Did about a 34 sq foot area around my kitchen. Product is super easy to cut and install and SO easy to line up. Had spray adhesive that I did not have to use as it was plenty sticky enough (I installed over existing 4×4 tile) Gave my kitchen a whole new look for a great price!

  96. Tonya McGowan

    Worked great – do not install behind stove or near heated area.

  97. Wendy S.

    cute but to expensive.

  98. Ryan Engelland

    We have really enjoyed working with art3d on our kitchen upgrade. We actually had to order a couple of times because we didn’t order the right amount (completely our fault). The last order we made wasn’t the exact same color we needed and their customer service has been more than amazing! They text me personally and we worked out exactly what we needed to finish our kitchen. Great customer service is so hard to find. We will definitely order from them again in the future! And, I love how our kitchen backsplash turned out!!!

  99. Shanta

    We added this to our little camper kitchen. Pretty easy to do. I watched a couple YouTube videos to avoid making mistakes. Not finished yet as we ordered an additional box in order to finish. I also bought the 3 M adhesive to make sure they don’t come off over time.

  100. Vanessa Smigelsky

    I chose this tile over some of the others because it was staggered and it look very natural and professional. It does not look like some square tiles stuck on the wall. It really turned out clean and beautiful looking. I am really pleased

  101. ReJackson

    Has a texture between tiles, which most of these stickers don’t. I have it stuck to raw OSB out in a motor-home and it is sticking surprisingly well! The ‘grout’ joints are a shiny brushed nickel sort of look, so it you don’t want metallic grout don’t buy these.

  102. super dog

    Purchased for rv kitchen remodel. So easy to install. Looks amazing. Wipes clean. Has withstood all the temperature changes from Michigan to Arizona. Would absolutely recommend.

  103. Tresandra

    I ordered 2 boxes of this product and when it arrived one of the boxes was used, it was opened with missing and cut up pieces in it. But the return was quick & awesome and I ordered more to completed my project and I couldn’t be happier.

  104. Lori

    The tiles look very real, the seams aren’t perfectly hidden although pretty good for the price and for being stick-on! The tiles (a gel material) DO stain easily so be careful about that! Cutting can be difficult at times when cutting through the gel tiles as well because the cut is usually not going to be perfectly straight. Overall we are very satisfied. I will post a video to show you all!

  105. honest reviewer

    I wasn’t sure what to expect….The quality is great, the colors are beautiful….but, most of all, they are very easy to apply….Love they way they look…..Great Product…

  106. Christina

    Item as described and was received intact . Easy to stick and adjust

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