Self Adhesive Vinyl Backsplash CM80134 (6pcs pack)

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Stick On Self Adhesive Vinyl Backsplash for Kitchen and Bathroom Smart Remodel

Material: PET paper with PU glue on top

Type: Subway Tile Backsplash CM80134

Usage: The adhesive vinyl backsplash can be used for kitchen and bathroom walls, TV background, and restroom wall mosaic decor.


High-quality Kitchen Remodel Self Adhesive Vinyl Backsplash

Application: self-adhesive vinyl backsplash for a smart DIY kitchen remodel.

self adhesive vinyl backsplash
self adhesive vinyl tile backsplash
Home kitchen remodels using self-adhesive vinyl backsplash. The vinyl backsplash has a lot of advantages, more and more people like it and buys it for their home wall refresh

peel and stick self-adhesive mosaic tile advantage

Notice and Tips:

Our vinyl backsplash is used for HOME INTERIOR Decor, please do not use it for home exterior decor. we do NOT recommend sticking the tile on dusty, porous, crumbling or rough surfaces like below.
● Porous wood, stucco, brick, ceramic or glass tile with thick relief.
● Textured wallpaper, unpainted gypsum, stone, etc.

Do not install our peel and stick self adhesive vinyl backsplash on floors, counter, ops, and ceilings. For the surface with direct and continuous contact with water like the inside of a shower, we do NOT recommend installing either.


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