When we want to create a mosaic art background for our home walls, we have a lot of choices. But if we want to quick and cost less to finish the mosaic art project, the peel and stick tiles and self-adhesive wallpapers are our best choices. And whether choose the peel and stick mosaic tiles or self-adhesive mosaic wallpaper for quick mosaic art, it depends on the situations.

Peel and stick tiles and adhesive wallpapers have a lot in common. They are rising in popularity among homeowners, especially renters who don’t have permanent ownership. Both having originated from more traditional counterparts, these adhesive innovations have come a long way. They are easy to use and install saving you a lot of money, but how do you pick one from the other? Let’s look at some ways these innovations differ and which is the best pick for you.

The Installation of peel and stick wall tiles and self-adhesive wallpaper

Applying both peel and stick tiles and wallpaper involve the same technique, peel off their back paper and stick them on the wall. The differences come in on the sizes of the pieces. Where peel and stick tiles usually come in 10 x 10inch or 12 x 12inch, adhesive wallpaper tends to be larger sometimes covering over 20’’. Having smaller pieces to work within the case of tiles gives more room for accuracy and precision. Whereas the larger surface covered by adhesive wallpaper makes it easy to cover large areas at once. The tiles give more flexibility for correcting installation errors by removing the tiles where the job went crooked. This is harder to do with wallpaper which comes off with the painted wall when trying to peel off.

The versatility of peel and stick mosaic tiles and adhesive mosaic wallpaper

Being able to use peel and stick tiles and adhesive wallpaper around different parts of the house is our main goal. Different part of the home has varying levels of use, moisture, and heat. It is important that these wall decors withstand these settings. Where peel and stick tiles use PU glue that is moisture resistant and stays glued on in wet conditions like the bathroom and kitchen backsplash. While adhesive wallpapers peel off and yellow in wet areas.

The color and styles of the sticky mosaic tiles and self-adhesive wallpaper

Peel and stick tiles are available in 3D mosaic designs that are colorful and can be used in bedrooms and playing areas. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of materials to suit your home needs. Adhesive wallpapers are available in 2D and have a limited variety in material and style. They are best used in rooms with controlled temperatures and moisture levels.

As much as these two adhesive wall decorations, they have things in common and there are quite a number of different. So when choosing peel and stick tiles or self-adhesive wallpapers for quick mosaic art, it depends on where you plan on using them. The peel and stick mosaic tiles win on versatility, ease of use and style.