There are a lot of home wall decoration options in the market, but peel and stick PVC composite tile is a good choice for DIYers. Peel and stick PVC mosaic tiles are a kind of self-adhesive vinyl sheet in mosaic patterns. They have an adhesive backing that enables the tiles to stick directly and firmly to the walls of the kitchen and bathroom.

Aesthetic Style

peel and stick pvc tiles

Style is an important factor you must consider when decorating whether residential or commercial areas. One of the biggest advantages of using mosaic tiles is that they can create a sense of beauty with their abundant and colorful patterns. PVC mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of styles and patterns that meet your decoration requirements. Particularly, they can bring realistic looks of materials like marble, stone, metal, or wood. The decoration effect is not inferior compared to the real mosaic tiles. You can check our peel and stick stone look PVC tile at

Easy Installation

4 steps to install peel stick wood tile

Same as other material peel and stick backsplash, PVC composite peel and stick mosaics are quite easy to install. Peel off the plastic layer from the adhesive backing, and attach it tightly to your walls. Complex tools and materials are not needed for the installation process. Therefore, vinyl peel and stick mosaics are especially suitable for those who like doing DIY jobs. This product is able to save cost and time on installation.


Home decoration needs an update from time to time if you are the kind of person who loves and enjoys life. However, sometimes it is difficult to change the decoration of your home due to some objective factors. If your flooring and wall tiles are installed with cement, you will get a large amount of work to do for the replacement. But for PVC tiles, everything becomes handy. It is easy to remove the peel and stick tiles as they are not installed by cement or nails. As long as you remove the residual adhesive on the walls, you can install the new vinyl mosaic tiles.

Great Durability

PVC tiles are 100% water-proof and heat-resistant so they can handle well the moisture and heat in kitchens and bathrooms. These PVC mosaic tiles can hold up on walls for a very long time. You don’t even need to use extra adhesive to install the tiles on your wall.

Great Affordability

Peel and stick PVC mosaic is quite economical compared to ceramic, stone, or glass mosaics. For most home and commercial use, budget is always the priority. Peel and stick tiles are an ideal option that saves your cost and gives you elegant look.