Having a bathroom backsplash is not one of the fundamental needs of a home, but it is a more than valuable design improvement that can be easily done. In general, you probably first think of a kitchen when you think of backsplashes. The kitchen backsplash goes from the counter to the bottom of the wall cabinet, this is not necessarily the only case. For the sink and stove, you can opt for a backsplash that goes all the way to the ceiling. You can use self-adhesive vinyl tiles in a color that matches the rest of the kitchen and get a beautiful, uniform look. You can check cheap and costless kitchen backsplash ideas. And now I’m here to tell you why you should also think about your bathroom decor with a backsplash.

Today we will examine bathroom backsplash ideas, their necessity of them in general, the best tile for backsplashes, and the trends of 2019.

Let’s begin. We will start here by examining some best practices from a 50,000-foot view.

  • Be Bold but Stay on Theme

Your home has a theme and each room within it has a design theme. Give your bathroom character a backsplash but don’t go completely off-script.

  • Choose Your Width and Height

The width is easy, typically the corner is a natural boundary to end your backsplash. For the height, it is up to you. If you are doing a full wall backsplash then you will go to the ceiling. If you are not, then you can really make your own choice here.

Pro Tip: Consider using a secondary tile to signify the top of the backsplash.

  • Be Creative

Remember that this is the space for you to add personality to your bathroom, don’t waste it.

Do I Really Need a Backsplash for my Bathroom

We touched upon necessity earlier, but let’s take a deeper dive here.
Is a bathroom backsplash essential to your home? In the traditional sense, no it is not. It’s not a toilet, a front door, or locks on those said doors. But it can be instrumental in improving the value of your home.
On the whole, a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. Upgrading your bathroom appliances is an important place to start, but second to that is your walls. You will want to add a fresh coat of paint, update the wallpaper, and of course, add a backsplash.
Backsplashes provide the opportunity to put the character in your bathroom. Some designs can even make the room appear bigger. In general, it’s an opportunity to add a certain level of luxury.
Let’s recap. No, a backsplash in your bathroom is not a fundamental necessity that is integral to the foundation of your home. With that said, as a homeowner who is looking to increase the value of your home, a backsplash is a great place to add that value.

How Do I Choose Tile for my Bathroom Backsplash

Choosing the tile for your backsplash can seem like an overwhelming task at the beginning. Fear not, as we will help you set up some parameters here.
Not to keep driving home the same point here, but your theme matters. Break up this project and start by deciding what you are looking to do with your backsplash.
Do you want to make a bold choice and make your bathroom pop? Or maybe, you want a spa in your home. For this, you will pick out calming, earthy colors to give you and your guests (and maybe future homeowners) a sense of calm and relaxation.
Once you have this sorted out you will turn your attention to tile choices. To some of you, it may be surprising to find out an abundance of tile options at your disposal. In fact, we could do a whole article on just tiles alone.
But we’ll save that for a different day.
There are several elements to consider when selecting a type of backsplash for the bathroom: the material from which it’s made, the finish, color, texture, size, and shape, and all sorts of other elements. Today we will focus on examining a few of the traditional choices for tile.
Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is commonly used in homes because of its versatility and durability.
Porcelain Tile: porcelain is also very popular, and it adds a level of luxury as it looks very sleek and natural while still being durable.
Marble Tile: marble tile is an instant upgrade in your home, but it can be costly which gives some homeowners pause.
Mosaic Tile: mosaic tile adds a lot of personality, but you need to be careful when using it so as to not make the space too loud or busy.

The Best and Cheap Tile for a Bathroom Backsplash

Okay, let’s move on to the cost aspect of all of this. The goal is to improve the look and value of your home without breaking the bank in the process. Luckily for you, there are cost-effective options out there if you know where to look.
One of these options is the peel and stick tiles. They are easily and quickly installed at an extremely affordable cost.
Better yet, Clever Mosaics offers a wider array of colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. If you are looking for options that do not require an endless budget or design expertise, then this is the choice for you.

Creative Bathroom Backsplash Designs, Trends & Ideas for 2022

As we turn into the home stretch here, we now focus on trends and designs in 2022.
One rising trend we see is full floor-to-ceiling backsplashes. Having a full accent wall is a great way to spice up your bathroom.
Another trend is the use of neutral and slate colors to add a sleek modern accent to your bathroom.
Experiment with shapes! Fishscale tiles are in 2022. Halfway between the more traditional rectangle and circle tiles, fish scales are all the rage right now.
Lastly, trying to go big. Bigger-sized tiles are the in thing to do this year and can add a distinctive personality to your bathroom.
Below are bathroom backsplash ideas with Clever Mosaics peel and stick wall tiles:
Okay, we have covered a lot today, but you should now have a pretty good idea of your bathroom backsplash design ideas. Make sure to build a plan and execute that plan, and in the end, you will have the bathroom of your dreams.

10 Smart Do-it-yourself Design Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Inspiring you

Peel and stick pure white subway tiles for bathroom backsplash, cheap wall decor ideas with $15 cost.

bathroom black subway backsplash idea

Black subway tile is the best choice if you want your bathroom to look great and retain its decor value

white subway tile backspalsh ideas

White subway tile is truly a flexible design choice that lets you change your style without having to change your walls

The white hexagon is a great choice for a bright and fresh look, our peel and stick white hex tiles will make your bathroom pretty and elegnat

Self-adhesive black square mosaic tiles behind sink,  give a statement with black tile art to your bathroom projects without grout

Small strip of colored mosaic black grey and white tile backsplash is a great way to add pattern to a neutral, simple bath without going overboard with textiles or a stone with a ton of movement

peel and stick luxury marble tile backsplash

Affordable peel and stick tile in marble appearance, gives a sense of luxury to any kind of bathroom walls due to its look and texture

The Crescendo Terra design adhesive mosaic tile in thicker upgrade will change the look of your bathroom backsplash

bathroom design with pink tiles

Pink is actually a great color for bathroom, because the reflected glow makes you look younger and healthier. Clever Mosaics peel and stick pink color tile is a good choice for pink bathroom design

red tiles for bathroom

Bold, sophisticated and cheerful: 3d glossy mosaic wall decoration small size peel and stick red tile backsplash for bathroom countertop and mirror.