Putting up a business is a good idea especially if you want to earn more money. However, you will face difficulties thinking about what type of business to start. There are plenty of ideas and not everything will guarantee profits. Some businessmen failed a couple of times before succeeding in their industry while there are some who did not succeed at all. Either of the two can happen to you. But if you want a more stable line of business this year that’s trending in the market and has the potential to bring income to you, you might want to try venturing into selling adhesive tiles.

What kind of tiles will boost your business?

You will surely find distinctive types of tiles that you can sell for your business. The common kinds are Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Limestone, Granite, Marble, and Slate tiles. However, to build a kind of enterprise that sells all of those might require large capital and because of competition, you might not even get your return in a couple of years. If you are looking to boost your business and you want something unique that can easily entice homeowners to change their taste when it comes to tiles, you should try the adhesive tiles, or peel and stick tiles.

Why choose adhesive peel and stick tiles?

This might be a question you are having right now. Why should you choose peel and stick adhesive backsplash tiles when there are a variety of tile choices in the market? To get your answers, here are the major reasons why peel and stick adhesive tiles will bring your fortune.

  • Peel and stick tile has a lot of advantages and it is widely used.
  • The wholesale price is about USD$0.5-2.o per piece.
  • The retail price is USD$4.00-5.00 per piece.

No matter peel and stick vinyl tiles or peel and stick stone tile backsplash, they have many pros.  This kind of product is ideal for people who rent because the materials can be removed anytime. Another advantage is that these can be easily installed than normal tiles. No need for grout, tile spacers, and mortar. Installing won’t take much of your time. Of course, if homeowners are looking for an immediate upgrade of their homes, they will consider pick and stick tiles because of its affordability.

Where are the peel and stick tile suppliers distributed?

Another question is, where are the suppliers of peel and stick tiles if I want to sell them? You can discover vendors in any part of the world but for a better wholesale price, we suggest you go with these 3 major distributors: Canada, China, and Korea.

Peel and Stick Tiles Made in Canada or USA

Peel and stick tiles made in Canada or the USA are high-quality products. However, since it is from the United States of America or Canada, the price can be very expensive. This is not suitable if you plan on selling the tiles at an affordable price.

Peel and Stick Tiles Made in Korea

Peel and stick tile products made in Korea are also an option, however, since this distributor has only started two years ago, the PVC material used is low-quality and the products have a bad smell. This may entice you because it’s cheaper than other distributors but don’t get blinded by it. Go with a supplier that meets your requirements for quantity and quality.

Peel and Stick Tiles Made in China

Peel and stick tiles made in China are high-quality and cheaper. This is a distributor that will provide the right materials at an affordable price. Pay for the quality and earn more with China made peel and stick tiles. The wholesale price is guaranteed to be reasonable so you can still top it up with your preferred markup cost. What we want you to know is about 80% of the peel and stick tiles sold on Amazon came from China.

What are the popular adhesive tile brands in the market?

People have standards and they can choose whatever they like for their quick home improvement. The peel and stick tiles come in different brands, for your information. When choosing the perfect types for your business, you have to consider what people will look at. Is it generic? Is it branded? What brand is this? Prepare yourself to hear those questions. Generally, we have 5 popular brands sold in the market:

  • Smart Tiles
  • Peel & Impress
  • Stick-it
  • Vividtiles
  • Clever Mosaics

home decor adhesive wall tile
Smart Tiles offer different styles: contemporary, eclectic, modern, and classic. What’s great about this brand is that it offers a wide range of designs homeowners can choose from. Plus, they recommend their products on kitchen and bathroom uses because of its resistance to heat.

Peel & Impress has unique designs too. You can choose from a lot of different colors and styles. As usual, customers like how products can fit in bathroom and kitchen styles. This brand is ideal for quick remodeling. Something that will meet your quality standards too!

Stick-it brand has many designs available in supermarkets and home depots like Walmart. The simplest style has a retail price of USD$5.49 to USD$32.93. It is also sold online for the convenience of homeowners.

Waterproof and self-adhesive, name it! Vividtiles is also a popular brand selling peel and stick tiles online and in-store. Choose the design that is pleasant in your eyes and this company will give you the good looks you are looking for in a tile.

Clever Mosaics provide your kitchen and bathroom tile needs too. Just like other brands listed above, this gives clients good quality peel and stick tile products with basic features like self-adhesive, heatproof, and waterproof.

Why China Peel and Stick Tiles so popular?

Besides its quality and affordability, peel and stick tiles made in China are popular because of these reasons:

  • Bulk Tile and Manufacturer Choice
  • Price Advantage
  • Long experience in making high-quality tiles

The products in China are the choice of many businesses. As a business, you can avail the products in bulk so you can get them cheaper. Unlike other manufacturers that do not give friendly discounts to business owners, China is very generous when it comes to pricing. This is one reason why you will have a price advantage if you go with this distributor. Adding to this, the long experience in making high-quality tiles make its product worth the price. If you can find distributors with perks like this, why would you settle to low-quality supplies?

How to find the best tile supplier from China?

There are many ways you can get connected with suppliers from China. However, beware of who you are talking to. Business is business and people are taking advantage of it. For instance, if you look for a supplier online, you will encounter a lot of scams and fraud. While using the internet is the best way to get a hold of a great distributor, you should still be vigilant. Here are the effective ways on how you can find the best tile supplier from China.

  • Find a tile supplier from Construction Fair.
  • Find the supplier on the B2B platform, like Alibaba and Made-in-China
  • Google search and ask your friends for recommendations
  • Buy from Clever Mosaics

Construction fairs are one easy way to find a supplier. In this event, you will hundreds of vendors who you can talk to about the products. Plus, you can get an actual quotation and sample of the tiles if you go to construction fairs. If you don’t like the quality of the products, you can easily look for another vendor and do the same process.

Also, using Alibaba and Made-in-China B2B platforms helps a lot. Aside from its convenience because it’s online, there are great deals and discounts on these sites. Find hundreds of wholesalers and compare their prices. In this way, you will already know how much are you going to spend on the initial operation of your business. But remember to spot good and bad vendors so that you can avoid getting scammed on the internet.

If both B2B and construction fairs are not an option for you, you can simply try googling for a good supplier. The internet has so much stuff right now that it’s become an easy task to research products. When using Google, find positive reviews about the company, do a quick background check, and compare prices. Utilizes all the information you see so you can get a good deal. Also, ask a friend for any recommendation. This is the easiest way to know if the company does good or not.

Lastly, if you will be recommended the best brand from the list above, choose Clever Mosaics as this company has very good reviews from clients and its wholesale price is perfect for startups. No need to search the online world because you have it in front of you already. Get their contact and ask for a price quotation now.

How to know the bestseller design of the peel and stick tiles in the market?

Each homeowner has a different taste when it comes to tiles. Depending on the country where you came from, you surely have a style and you want it to reflect your kitchen and bathroom. For those who are looking for bestseller designs specifically in the U.S.A, better check out the best vendors in decorative tiles on Amazon. This is a reputable online shop in the country.

best adhesive black tile

Another way to know the best seller design is to contact the direct factory, like us. We have produced a lot of adhesive tiles, we know which designs of peel and stick tiles are the most popular in the USA, European and Asian, just feel free to contact us.