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There are a lot of decorative mosaic tiles in the market, and we have shared an article about the top 8 decorative tile backsplash for kitchen renovation before. But did you know how to make a mosaic or how to install the different mosaic tiles? here we try to give you some advice.

How to install peel and stick mosaic tiles.

Clever Mosaics peel and stick vinyl tiles are easy to install, they are self-adhesive, simply peel and stick, you can do-it-yourself. And in every pack of peel and stick tiles from Clever Mosaics, there is a product introduction paper, you can follow the steps as the paper, or follow the peel and stick mosaic tile installation steps.

How to install the ceramic mosaic tile backsplash.

It is more complicated to install ceramic mosaic tiles. You need to prepare some tools, like a tape measure, framing square, pencil, thinset adhesive, notched trowel, utility knife, tile nippers or wet saw, rubber mallet, grout (unsanded or sanded, as required), mixing bucket, grout float, grout haze remover, paintbrush or roller. Then follow the ceramic mosaic tiles installation steps.

  1. Clean the wall surface.
  2. Mark lay outline.
  3. Begin Installation at the Center.
  4. Mosaic tile sheet setting.
  5. Cutting Tile Sheets to Fit.
  6. Cutting Individual Tiles.
  7. Install Cut Sheets of Tile.
  8. Install Trim Tiles.
  9. Grout the Tile.
  10. Seal the Grout.

More details about every ceramic mosaic tile installation steps, please check here.

How to install porcelain tiles

Installing porcelain tiles is not easy too, the installation steps are very similar to installing ceramic tiles.

  1. Prepare the area around your walls. Remove the old tile if necessary. and please make sure the wall is clean and dry.
  2. painting protective clothing surface. Sand the wall to create an even surface.
  3. Measure the area and buy the porcelain tiles and Apply a wall sealant
  4. Measure the size of the tiles you want to use and any tile spacers or grout.
  5. Ensure level tiles with the use of a batten, or wooden straight edge.
  6. Pin the batten on the wall. Use a vertical batten for your first tiles as well.
  7. Apply a layer of glue to the area above the batten with a notched trowel. Place a tile spacer between the tiles as you set them into the glue to allow space for grout.
  8. Press the tile into the wall with a wooden board. And Wipe away any excess glue with a wall scraper.
  9. Cut porcelain tiles to go near the edges of your walls.
  10. After you press the porcelain tiles on the wall, waiting for the tiles to dry at least 24 hours.

More details about installing porcelain tiles, check here

Here is a video about how to install porcelain tiles.

How to install glass mosaic tile backsplash

Install the glass mosaic tile backsplash is much same as installing the ceramic and porcelain tiles

  1. plan tile layout: Measure from top of the counter to bottom of the cabinet and lay out the backsplash.
  2. apply thin-set to the wall with a notched trowel: apply thin-set mortar according to manufacturer’s directions and add the mortar, let it set mixed.
  3. Lay the glass tile: Starting with your bottom row of tiles, apply tiles to the thin-set. Press and wiggle each tile to set into the mortar, keeping each flat, plumb and level.
  4. Cut and polish the glass backsplash tiles.
  5. Grout the tile backsplash: grout with unsanded grout, and mix up the unsanded grout to the consistency recommended by the manufacturer’s directions, then press the glass tile.
  6. Polish the haze off the tiles with a soft cloth after the grout is dry.

More details about glass tile backsplash installation, you can check here.
Below is a video about the top 5 tips on installing the glass tile backsplash.

How to install granite tile

Install the granite tile is the same as the stone tiles, you can follow the porcelain tile installation steps.

How to install the stone tile backsplash

The installation techniques of stone tile backsplash are virtually the same as for ceramic tiles. The only special tool you need is a wet saw with a diamond blade.

  1. Clean the wall and measure the area.
  2. Select a stone and a design, calculate the number of tiles the project need.
  3. Protect the tub: Cover the tub with tape around the edges, and lay a long piece of plywood over rigid insulation or heavy cardboard on the tub rim.
  4. Install the tile backer.
  5. Mark the tile layout.
  6. Install the tiles.
  7. Measure and cut the stone tiles with a diamond blade wet saw for the edge area.
  8. Mix the grout and grouting pulls it all together.
  9. Fill all corners with a caulk designed for tubs and tile, then install the faucet trim and tub and shower spouts, plug in the tub.

More details about how to install the stone tile backsplash, check here

How to install the metal mosaic tile backsplash

Metal tiles are available in different materials and finishes, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and bronze. While each manufacturer will recommend specific products and techniques for installation, most metal tile backsplashes will install in the same way.

  1. Start to install the metal tiles with a dry layout
  2. Measure the backsplash area and mark off an area the same size and shape on the wall nearby
  3. Cut all metal tiles with a blade meant for metal.
  4. Use silicone- or urethane-based adhesives, squeeze the adhesive onto the back of each tile in a serpentine motion and press them firmly onto the backsplash wall.
  5. Leave an expansion joint around the perimeter of the installation to help prevent the tiles from popping off the wall

If you use the self-adhesive metal tiles, then installing things getting easier. You can install the self-adhesive metal tile same as installing the self-adhesive vinyl wall tile.

Below is a video about installing the self-adhesive metal tile backsplash

How to install the wooden tile backsplash

Installing wooden tile on the wall is a little different, but also easy.

  1. prepare sprit level, leveling tools to measure the area.
  2. keep the wall clean and dry, remember do not use cement adhesive on the walls
  3. Trowel on the wall
  4. Press the wooden tile with a rubber mallet
  5. Measure and cut the wooden tile with a jigsaw, then install the cut wooden tile on the wall edge.
  6. If necessary, use some teak oil for the wooden tiles.

Below is a video about installing the wooden tile on the wall

Different mosaic tile has different installation steps, and some material mosaic tiles need profession skills. But if the tile is self-adhesive, things become much easier. Just like installing the self-adhesive vinyl tile backsplash, peel the back paper, stick and impress the tiles on the wall. everyone can do-it-themselves. As we shared in another article 5 ways to make your backsplash experience easier. The peel and stick mosaic backsplash is really a good choice especially if you don’t have the installing tile backsplash experience.

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