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Self-adhesive vinyl tile is a durable, low-maintenance, affordable and budget saving decoration. The tile is do-it-yourself coverings and you can use it in any room of the home. It is very easy to install, you can have great-looking new home space in a single day. you can stick it very well even you have no installation experience.

What is a self-adhesive vinyl tile?

self-adhesive vinyl tile is a vinyl tile with backed adhesive glue, no extra adhesive needed when installation. There are two kinds of self-adhesive vinyl tiles in the market. One is self-adhesive wall tile, and another is self-adhesive floor tile. They are both luxury vinyl tiles.

What is self-adhesive vinyl tile used for?

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are both quick covering decorations and used for the home improvement project. but their application is a little different.

Self-adhesive vinyl wall tile is a vinyl backsplash, waterproof and oilproof. used for home wall covering. But self-adhesive vinyl backsplash is not suitable for flooring.

self-adhesive flooring tiles used for home or office floor quick covering.


Laundry Room Backsplash Tile Ideas with Peel and Stick Tiles

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Do you need a backsplash in your laundry room? The laundry room is one of a kind room that is easily exposed to water and other chemical composition coming from varieties of detergents and cleansers used to make natty clothes and beautify them for wearing again. Oftentimes, this laundry room with excessive exposure to the [...]

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Start Your Business With Adhesive Backsplash Tiles

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Putting up a business is a good idea especially if you want to earn more money. However, you will face difficulties thinking about what type of business to start. There are plenty of ideas and not everything will guarantee profits. Some businessmen failed a couple of times before succeeding in their industry while there are some [...]

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The peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile is not just a plastic sheet

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Peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl wall tile is not a soft plastic, it is made PET paper with PU glue on top. it has 3 layers, the PET layer, image printing layer and top PU glue layer. The PET layer is self- adhesive, it has adhesive glue. peel the back paper, the PET could stick on [...]


High Gloss 3D Stick-on Mosaic Backsplash

Clever Mosaics tile backsplash is a new trend decor! with different colors and patterns appearance, waterproof, heat-resistant, specialized designed for kitchen and bathroom.

Quick Instant Mosaic Covering Without Any Mess or Experience

The peel and stick Clever Mosaics is easy to cut, easy to install, easy to maintain. No special grout or specialized skills needed when installation, you can do-it-yourself, save your time and money.

Guaranteed to Stick to Your Walls

The tile backsplash is self-adhesive, no extra glue needed when installation, the tile will stick on your wall very well, it will never yellow or crack over time.