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There are many self-adhesive mosaic decorations in the market. Like self-adhesive wall tiles, wallpapers, glass tiles. They are all good choice for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash improvement project.

The common features of self-adhesive mosaic tiles

No matter self-adhesive vinyl tiles, wallpapers or glass tiles, they are all easy mosaic decorations. There is adhesive glue on their back, and usually, no extra glue needed when installing. Simply measure, cut, peel, stick, impress, everybody can do-it-themselves in a short time. They are all peel and stick decoration

The difference between the different materials self-adhesive mosaic tiles

  1. lightweight: Self-adhesive wall tiles or self-adhesive wallpaper are lightweight, and other material self-adhesive mosaics are heavier.
  2. Installation Situation: Both self-adhesive wall tiles or self-adhesive wallpapers are interior design decoration. But peel and stick glass tiles can be used for exterior design.
  3. Colors and 3d effect: Self-adhesive vinyl tiles or self-adhesive wallpapers are colorful. But self-adhesive vinyl mosaic tiles are more beautiful with 3d shining mosaic effect.
  4. Price: Self-adhesive vinyl tile is cheap, but the self-adhesive mosaic wallpaper is the cheaper. And the self-adhesive glass mosaic tile is a little expensive.


Different self-adhesive mosaic decoration has different features. So, choose the right self-adhesive mosaics as your install situations.  If you are finding the decorations for the backsplash, Clever Mosaic peel and stick backsplash is a good option.




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