DIY Home Decorative Smart Tiles: What you need to know

One of the easiest ways to decorate your kitchen and bathroom walls is by using the innovative peel and stick backsplash. Their installation is quick and easy with a simple peeling of the back and sticking them on the walls. They come in a variety of designs that fit everyone’s taste. Compared to other traditional tiles, adhesive tiles are cheap and can be bought on a fixed budget. These benefits of adhesive tiles tick all the boxes of anyone seeking home improvement décor. Let’s face it, with all these good qualities in mind what’s not to like?

The trick comes in when you need to decide what types of peel and stick tiles to choose. Like any other competitive market out there, peel-and-stick manufacturers have stepped up. There are several versions and designs of self-adhesive mosaic smart tiles to choose from. They are available to suit your every need and whim. This is ultimately a good thing, except they may get a bit confusing in the long run. How do you know what you’re choosing will fit you best? Let’s look at two major peel-and-stick tile suppliers, Smart Tiles and Clever Mosaics. Just to give you a guideline on what they are about.

Decorative Vinyl Tiles From Smart Tiles

Peel and stick smart tiles are made of adhesive subtracts and have a layer of gel that gives them a 3D impression. Originally made in Canada, Smart Tiles’ main market is in Canada and the United States. One of their most notable features is their 3D appearance due to the gel surface. The decorative vinyl tiles are flexible in use and can stand heat and humidity. This makes them a good candidate for backsplashes and bathrooms. They maintain their original color for the whole duration of use and don’t yellow like other wall decorations tend to do. Sharing the easy installation quality with other peel and stick tiles, smart tiles are thin and lightweight. This reduces the gaudy effect you might expect from anything that claims it is 3D. Their installation also needs no tools, workers, or extra glue to get them to remain on your wall. It’s a handy tile for anyone who likes the 3D effect and gel surface that is less sharp angles and a more wholesome feel. Their surface is also easy to clean with minimal effort. All you need is to purchase the tiles, and have a smooth surfaced wall to stick them on.

Decorative Vinyl Tiles from Clever mosaics

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China, Clever Mosaics has its main markets in Asia, Europe, the united states, and Canada. Their peel and stick clever mosaic tiles are decorated with beautiful patterns and mosaic designs with the signature easy installation.  They use PET paper with PU glue on the surface of the material to give the tile a gloss finish. This finish also prevents the cracking and yellowing of the vinyl tiles over time. They are heat resistant and can be used in kitchens as backsplashes (maintaining a 30cm distance from open flames) and humidity resistant making them ideal for bathrooms. The patterns remain fresh throughout long periods of use and the tiles’ glue ensures that they don’t peel off themselves. The mosaic tiles are waterproof but constant exposure to water will eventually wear out their glue so it’s advisable not to use them in showers. When you feel like it is time for a change then these tiles do not ruin your walls and can be peeled off successfully with gentle ease and a hairdryer. This clever mosaic peel and stick tiles are available in an array of patterns and shapes that are guaranteed to fit your needs. If you want your house to have an artistic finish, then these tiles are the ones for you.

 Smart Tiles vs Clever Mosaics

These two manufacturers both produce good decorative vinyl backsplash products. Their biggest differences come in their designs and types of tiles produced and the decorative tile price. Another thing to note is the areas they offer their services in. so be sure that they are available in your area before ordering. The difference in pricing is also a factor to look into, clever mosaics have cheaper offers when you buy in bulk compared to smart tiles. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your house. The designs and make of the tiles give you enough variety to decorate however you wish. You might even decide not to limit yourself to one type of tile and decorate different rooms with different types. Home decorations have never been easier and cheaper. There are online platforms available to help you look through what products are offered and their pricing and shipping options. So go get your tiles today and decorate to your heart’s content.

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