The peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile is not just a plastic sheet

Peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl wall tile is not a soft plastic, it is made PET paper with PU glue on top. it has 3 layers, the PET layer, image printing layer and top PU glue layer.

peel and stick vinyl tile layer

The PET layer is self- adhesive, it has adhesive glue. peel the back paper, the PET could stick on the wall very well. The PET base with bright color, corrosion resistant and solid durable features, can do customized size and DIY wall tiles

The image printing layer is printed on the PET layer.  before printing you should design the mosaic shape, size, and pattern with AI drawing soft, and the design drawing should be high pixel reach 300DPI.

After the image well printed and dry, drop the PU glue on the image area.  the PU layer is waterproof, resistance to chemical corrosion, glittering and translucent, for these attributes the peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl wall tile could protect your walls very well.

It is not easy to produce peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile, it need serval process. also it is not easy to control the quality, it has a lot of things should be taking care. it is vinyl tile, it has a lot of plastic attribute, soft, light-weight, etc, but it is really not a plastic sheet, it has a lot of advantages.

The peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile is not just a plastic sheet
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The peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile is not just a plastic sheet
Some people says peel and stick self-adhesive vinyl tile is just a plastic sheet, it is not worth that price, but I want say it is totally wrong, the vinyl tile is not easy to produce, it need many process steps.
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  1. MirkaWago July 19, 2018 at 11:40 pm - Reply

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    • Clevermosaics
      Clevermosaics July 21, 2018 at 1:20 am - Reply

      Hi Mirka Wago,
      Thank you for your reply and how do you feel about the self-adhesive vinyl tiles, do you like it

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