Clever Mosaics smart tile has a lot of advantages over stainless mosaic tile, stone mosaic tile, ceramic mosaic tiles, and glass mosaic tiles, the smart tile is very easy to install(How to install peel and stick tiles), just peel the back paper and stick the mosaic tiles on the wall, it is a clever decoration tile, but there is something you should know before installing the tiles.

  1. The most important: in order to stick the clever mosaic tile well, please make sure your wall is clean, smooth, and dry!
  2. Please keep your hands dry and clean when you install the smart clever tiles, do not touch the self-adhesive wall tile back glue
  3.  Please do not stick the adhesive tiles to the surface like a flat wall, rugged wall, oiled wall, uncleaned wall, moldy wall, or cracked wall, you can stick the tiles on a glass surface, acrylic paneling, ceramic surface, melamine surface, waterproof wall, flat painting wall, stainless steel plate, aluminum surface, etc.something you should know before installing peel and stick tiles
  4. The clever tiles can be stuck on over existing wall tiles, but once again, please make sure the wall and surface are clean, smooth, and dry
  5.  The clever tiles can be removed with a hairdryer, follow the below steps: 1, Warm the tile surface with a hairdryer; 2, Start the peel in the corner of each tile; 3, Peel the tile away gently. 4, Remove the remaining glue with an ammonia solution.
    how to remove peel and stick tile  
  6. The clever tile is resistant to the humidity of bathrooms and is waterproof. However, it is not advisable to install them in the shower, for long-term soaked in the water, the tile back glue would lose its viscosity, and drop off from the wall.
  7. The clever tile is resistant to the heat of a stove, which is why self-adhesive clever wall tile can be used for kitchen backsplash mosaic decor. However, it is recommended to prevent direct exposure to an open flame, you’d better keep the tiles 30cm away from the fire.

Please pay attention to these taking care, You will have a good DIY decor project with peel and stick smart clever tiles