Clever Mosaics Peel and Stick Tiles are really easy to install, just follow the installation steps, you can refresh your home kitchen and bathroom walls with peel and stick backsplash project, you can décor your home in a very short time. Besides there are so many designs peel and stick tiles, glass look designs, ceramic look designs, stone look designs, and shell look designs, with different color for you to choose from, select the right design and color suitable for your kitchen and bathrooms, DIY décor your home walls by yourself, it is really easy and funny. it helps you save your budget, your time, your energy, it really works.



How to refresh your home walls with Peel and Stick Clever Mosaics Tiles?

It is really easy to stick peel and stick Clever Mosaics Tiles, you can visit the peel and stick mosaic tile installation

Here are some instructions:

1, Clean the surface and be sure there is no grease or dusty on the surface, wait for the surface dry completely.

2, Peel off a small portion of the tile paper to get the handle on it.

3, Keep the tiles in a line, remove the rest tile backing and press the tile firmly.

4, If you stick the tile in a wrong position, please use a hairdryer with heat wind to remove it.

Any question about installing the peel and stick tiles, please feel free to contact us